What Questions Does God Aton Ask You, After This Life?

1. Who might you be?

2.  What have you done worthy of consideration into Higher placement?

3.  What have you --Given-- that might be regiven in greatness?

4. What have you done for any, save self?

5. Why should I do anything at all for you?

6. What have you given others, that you might be given in abundance? (You cannot have one without the other.)

7. What have you done that might be worthy of "proof"?

8. What have you done in great intent, to be worthy of response?

9. Do you recognize response when you receive it?

10. Do you turn away from that which you know you should do in order to find excuse for not "giving"?

11.  Did you do all you could do in actions to help your brother find his "way"? Did you decline self, to give unto another?

12. What have ye done to earn of My gifts?

When you have given All, then and only then have you given sufficiently. This is the moment you reach the point of the pendulum swing-- then and only then can the multiplied abundance be regiven unto you.

So be it for these are the questions that shall be used at your trial regarding your actions in this physical placement.

  - God Aton; Phoenix Journal #37; Page 5

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