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Your Guide to Reprogram Yourself From The Modern World in time for 2012.

Some people believe that the world is going to end in 2012...
instead, an era is ending and whole new era is just beginning...the Golden Age!

With a BROAD PROSPECTIVE of the situation....the DESIRE and INTENTION to recreate yourself including your body, your emotional reality and to expand your mental well, you will need to be willing to consciously co-collaborate with GOD, and you will need to be willing to take ACTION... with these qualities and ONLY with these qualities, will you be able to reprogram yourself from the modern parasitic ego-driven world, to embrace the higher frequencies of 2012 and beyond...anyone can do this no matter how far you have sunk into darkness and it can be joyful too...if you do so, the gifts that you will receive will include more harmony, better health, more love, more peace, more wisdom...A WHOLE NEW WAY OF BEING!!!  Consider answering the following questions now...Are you ready to rebuild/reprogram yourself from the inside to the outside?...Are you ready to create your life knowing that you first create your reality in the spiritual world before you experience it in the physical world?...And within the spiritual world, are you willing to ask for assistance from your spirit guides, the Angels and other helpful beings who desire and are able to assist you in your path back into the Light? Are you willing to consciously be aware of the signs that are sent to you in the mental world and physical world as answers to your prayers? Are you willing to let go of energies that are no longer serving you, in order to embrace energies that can and will serve you?  Are you willing to solidify God at the core of your heart and existance?

God chose each and everyone to be here at this very special time...
we are all the " chosen ones"...we are God's Dreamteam for Planet Earth.

We empower ourselves...
...with a BROAD PROSPECTIVE of life on planet Earth.

We are Earth humans.
We come from the stars
Planet Earth was seeded millions of years ago with humans, as a school for soul evolution.
We are souls billions of years old who chose Earth as an appropriate place to grow. 
We have been earth humans only for a short while in this incarnation. 
In this incarnation we were born into a slave planet called, "Earth".
  Earth has been going through a 13000 year period of darkness, and is currently entering a high band of Light.
The high band of Light we are entering, is a catalyst for many of the changes we are currently going through.
We are moving from the world of duality, SHEDDING OLD BELIEF SYSTEMS of low frequency that no longer serve us, and embrace a whole new way of living and being, based on higher frequencies.   Yeah we wanted to experience what it's like to be an earthslave, so that we could experience what's it's like to free ourselves.   This journey from the dark back into the Light is called, "Ascension", and it's an experience that we wanted at the soul level. 
God then chose us to be here at this time, to awaken at the appointed time to actively participate in our personal and planetary Ascension. 
This joyful time is Now.

-2009 ================================>2012+
Humanity coming out of darkness=========================> Higher Frequency Light

The journey to the Light from 2009-2012 goes this way (from left to right)=============>

Relationship to God

Deny God's existance.
Not sure there is a God.
Humans worship themselves.
% humans worship god, satan and the anti-christ

Humans accept God's existance.
Humans are definitely sure God exists.
Humans celebrate God.

Human Health

Humans have limited understanding of human body.
Focus is on "death".
The cure is "out there", rather than within.
Cures create further side-effects.
Medical training lacks adequate nutritional knowledge.
People do not take full responsibility for health.

Humans have full understanding of how the
human body operates.
The focus of human focus is on life.
Humans understands what an aura is,
and what chakras are.
Humans take full responsibility for their health.
Humans live a pure existance with clean use of energy.

Universal Perspective

Humans are not sure if we are alone.
Humans sees the universe in three dimensions.
Humans do not perceive higher consciousness of stars, earth bodies, etc.

Humans have received open visitation by 2012
by our star family.
Humans understand the universe in five dimensions.
Humans perceive consciousness in everything around them...stars, planets, planets etc.

The journey to the Light from 2009-2012 goes this way (from left to right)=============>

Financial System
Financial system based on greed, competition, war.
Financial system based on "limitation" and "scarcity".
Financial system rewards those who live from their "ego".
Financial system based on contamination of mother earth.
Fiancial system backed by nothing (just worthless paper).
Financial system based on love, abundance and equality.
Financial system based on Light.
Financial system rewards those who live according to God's laws.
Financial system based love and respect for mother earth and all life.
Financial system backed by precious metals (gold).

World Government

Governments lie and deceive the people.
Governments poison the planet.
Government protects it's own existance.
Government doesn't acknowledge God or God's laws.
Government lack spiritual consciousness.
Manmade laws, concepts, illusions are the norm.
Governments are truthful to the people.
Governments respect All life.
Government exists for the people, not for itself.
Government works in collaboration with God and His laws.
Governments are spiritually aware.


Music industries controlled by government, corporations and media.
Music lacks spiritual focus.
Satanic music goes mainstream.
Popular music lacking in intelligence.
Trance rhythms are used to hypnotize listeners.

Music is consciously co-created with God.
Music is spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy.
Music inspires humans to know more of God.

The journey to the Light from 2010-2012 goes this way (from left to right)=============>

We empower ourselves...with KNOWLEDGE.

1. Why all the focus on the year 2012?

Our entire solar system is going through a photon belt which is a high frequency band of Light. 
This Light of the photon belt affects humans...."human" stands for Higher Universal MAN...we are creatures of design based on Light...this knowledge is the key to accessing true human health.
Humans are Lightbeings...this means that our reality is affected by the quality and intensity of Light that reaches planet Earth.
Humans are affected by the Light from the sun AND FROM BEYOND THE SUN!
Human DNA is affected by the photon belt and Light from the Great Central Sun of this particular Universe.
Human brains are affected by the photon belt and from the Great Central Sun of this particular Universe.
Human chakra system is affected by the photon belt and from the Great Central Sun of this particular Universe.

2. What is happening to our bodies?
Similar to a potted plant that is moved from the shade, into the sunshine...the plant will adapt to the new Light conditions.
Humans are like plants this we move through the photon belt, our bodies are adapting.
Our bodies naturally adapt to more Light...
Our role is to consciously create ourselves TO ADAPT TO HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCIES.
We can assist our bodies to handle more Light, by removing the electrical resistance within us. This electrical resistance has been one of the purposes for the poisoning of the world food supply by dark create resistance to God's energies, with you so that you could be under their permanent control...this is not in God's plan and cannot happen.
Our role is to cleanse our bodies...and in the process we rediscover God's Higher energies.
We experience God's Higher energies, by reconnecting with our Higher Self.
We connect more with our Higher Self and thus God, as we detoxify heavy metals from our bodies, as this will reduce the electrical resistance that we hold physically within us.
As our electrical resistance is lessened by the conscious detoxification of our bodies, we create a more refined existance.
As our electrical resistance is lessened...we wash our bodies inside and out through fasting, clean water and leading a purer emotional and mental life.
Our progress of allowing God's energy to flow through us is measured by the human aura.
Our path back to health is not about escaping illness and death, it's about the repair of our electromagnetic field so that God's energies can freely move through us without resistance.

As we prepare for 2012, we repair and detox, then refresh our bodies with clean spiritually blessed water and healthy food we remove resistance...our gift in return is that we become physically able to access Higher ever more refined energies.

3. What is happening to our planet?

Earth's electro-magnetic field is lessening and this fact is verified by common science.
The earth's magnetic poles are shifting and this fact is verified by common science.
Earth changes are becoming more apparent...more volcano eruptions, more earthquakes...grand changes in weather.
Our planet is warming due to the photon belt and this is part of God's plan for this planet.
The magnetic poles may eventually flip, by the time this happens our planet will have been evacuated by the Galactic Federation of Light, who are experienced in planetary evacuations.
A grand cleansing of earth's surface and inner surfaces is currently taking place.
God will send you a message if you are required to move to a different part of the planet.
Our planet will eventually be evacuated once the Earth changes become too extreme live comfortably.
Our planet will undergo a period of cleansing.
Earth will eventually be re-seeded with higher fifth dimensional humans.

THE TRUTH IN A 'NUTSHELL' by Patrick H. Bellringer

4. What are governments, media and corporations not acknowledging 2012 in a healthy way?


Planet Earth's current distributiton of wealth and manmade power is imbalanced.
Many people who have accumulated wealth and manmade power are afraid of losing it.
Illuminati Cash 'Slush Fund' Estimated At $65 Trillion
Many people who have accumulated wealth and manmade power have perpetuated war, violence, mind control and planetary destructiton in order to gain more physical affluence...thus in fact becoming practicing satanists (and arrogant ones at that!).

Many people who have the human resources to assist to alert and help humanity during this particular time have become spiritually impoverished, therefore unable to assist...instead they continue to focus on the illusion of world planetary slavery.

British Queen Faces Arrest on American Soil - 9/11 Whistleblower Assassinated


Right now, are you willing to shed your attachments to old useless power structures, to make way and plant the seeds for new helpful loving earth power structures based on a spiritual foundation with God?

5. What is "First Contact"?
There is one last attempt of dark humans to try to control the world and we are living it.
This dark attempt is failing as it is divinely decreed that evil will soon no longer exist on this planet.
All existing dark manmade power structures are thus failing, in  order to make way for new spiritually-based power structures in collaboration between man and Higher spiritually-refined beings including God.
As all existing low frequency power structures fall away, there is a transition period between the old and the new.
We are currently in this transition period...our role is to let the old fall away, and re-create the world as we truly desire it to be.

The Galactic Federation of Light
The Galactic Federation of Light comes from off-world to assist humanity with this current transition.
The Galactic Federation of Light is a group of millions of souls on millions of Light ships.

The Galactic Federation of Light's ships can be now seen in the daytime as cloudships, and at nighttime as rainbow flashing coloured stars.

Galactic Federation of Light Cloudship Photographed by Dieter Braun, in Saskatoon SK Canada

The Galactic Federation of Light has been seeding humanity with it's messages on the Internet about the Golden Age.
The Galactic Federation of Light has ships and technology that far surpass current earth-based technologies.
Soon, the Lightships of the Galactic Federation of Light will openly land and our star family will soon walk amongst us...."First contact".
The Galactic Federation of Light prefer to work openly and in collaboration with our existing governments, however our governments currently resist this scenario, since they still believe in their illusion to control the world.
In reality this contact between humans and their star family is currently happening to each of us in our dreamtime...physical contact has also happened throughout history as documented in cavedrawings, illustrations and writings.

The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 01

Are you ready for the greatest show in the Universe, as millions of the Galactic Federation of Light Lightships suddenly appear in our skies, as a prelude to having them openly walk amongst us?

6.  What is the "Second Coming"?

Even the bible said 2000 years ago that Jesus would return bearing a new name.
Jesus' new name is Sananda.
Sananda has along with the Galactic Federation of Light and other Higher evolved beings, been sending messages to humanity through various sources including the internet.
Sananda will soon arrrive to gather his flock home if/when the earth changes become too extreme for humans.
Sananda is asking humans not to worship him, as that was not the purpose of his incarnation 2000 years ago.
If you are ready for the return of Sananda Esu "Jesus" Immanuel then you must ask him yourself for assistance, and be prepared to receive the response in it's many forms.
Don't be fooled by false religions....when Sananda openly walks among us, this will symbolize the end of all dark religions including that great news for worldwide peace?!


By Sananda & Judas Iscarioth

7.  How can I physically prepare for this transition time?

One can immediately begin a personal detoxification program, which includes utilizing various detoxification processes such as the ionic foot bath, steam, sauna, charcoal, clay, raw food, herbs, bark, wheatgrass, pH balanced diet, low stress lifestyle, low electromagnetic radiation environment, with the reintroduction of spiritually-blessed clean healthy food and water. 
As you detox your body...physical, emotional and mental "stuff" and "issues" will come up, your job is to tell God what you have learned from this "stuff" and "issues" so that you can release it over to joy!
Because of this opportunity to release "issues" and "stuff"...we can experience appreciation and joyful anticipation instead of fear.
A powerful way to physically prepare is to utilize and develop your spiritual abilities...this is fundamental since our reality is first created in the physical world before it is experienced in the physical world.
This is why spiritual exercises offered to humanity from higher-spiritually conscious beings such as Master Kuthumi, St. Germain and more, are extremely useful at this time!
From here on, fear has no useful purpose...have on hand, a two-week food and water supply.
As you are called to do so, be with friends, family and neighbours, be open to receive assistance from friends, family and neighbours.
Clear your electromagnetic field.
Receive the gifts of sleep and rest as needed.

8. How can I spiritually prepare for this transition time?

Meditation with God is essential...meditation with our Higher Selves is how we connect with God.

Moderate your ongoing thoughts, to see and know where your true focus is.
Moderate your ongoing actions, to see and know where your true focus is.
Moderate your ongoing emotions, to see and know where your true focus is.
  The cumulation of your true focus ...this is your progress.
Each human's progress on this plane is evident in each human aura colours, magnification and intensity.

Focus on what you INTENT TO CREATE for at least one minute, the more you do this, the stronger your intentions will manifest.

Be open to receive God in His many forms and continue to appreciate what you attract to yourself.

Are you open to receive God, you become open to become godlike...this union is powerfully expressed through the marriage of you and God, through the merkaba crystal core of your heart.

9. How can I undo the years of hollywood, television, education, medical, societal brainwashing?

1. Be open to shedding old illusions that no longer serve you.
2. Be aware of the methods used to control your mind and to limit your relationship with God.
3. See your mind, emotions body and spirit connection as a vast and powerful biocomputer.
4.  You are in full control of your mind, emotions, body and spirit...ongoingly reprogram what you are willing to experience.
5. Be specific with yourself and the Universe...tell both EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESIRE.
6.  As we come to understand that our spirit guides know us better than we know open to receive the essence of what you desire, not it's form...for example, if you ask the Universe to provide you with a car, when you are really seeking greater and freer mobility, the Universe will not necessarily provide you with a car.
7.  Avoid sources of high fluoride concentration which impede both the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain.
Avoid municipal fluoride-based water including swimming pools.

Avoid consumer products including teflon, most toothpastes, green tea and black tea.
8. Learn about St. Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, which is one of several spiritual-based ways to transmute negativity.

10. If I would like more information, where can I find it

Wisit Indian in the machine's

photon belt 101





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