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Look at what I photographed, to the left of the sun!

I photographed this image
on March 23, 2009 approximately 5:30 am,
Montezuma, Costa Rica (waiting for the bus to
to take me to Nicaragua....

The image originally looked like this:

As  you look at this original image above, you can see there is some visible energy on the lower left-hand side of the sun.  Note that it does NOT reflect in the ocean water.  Note that the size of the sun is not apparent in the water reflection.

Now let's look at the original pic, darkened:

Now let's look at the cropped darkened picture again:

Now this time, let's crop this picture and play with the colour and contrast to see if we can see the actual shape.

We can see that this anomaly is not a perfect circle.
This anomaly has a straight-looking edge on the left hand side AND right hand side however that may be exaggerated due to the low resolution when we blow up the image and lose detail.

Maybe this sky anomaly Nibiru, a planet that enters our solar system every 12000 years that sky experts all over the world are telling us that they are seeing?  If this were possible, then it's possible that governments might cover this up, since they are seldom honest about anything, especially if it involves them LOSING control of earthly matters. Hatonn from the Phoenix Journals suggested that Nibiru is real and DUE at some point to return, however he mentions no specific date.  Also if it's Nibiru and existing on another dimensional it's possible that it might be coming and going in and out of our limited range of sight as it approaches. Ken Adachi discusses Nibiru (Planet X) at

Maybe this sky anomaly is a Lightship? If this were so, is it manmade? Pehaps it comes from offworld and is a Galactic Federation of Light Lightship, offering a quick glimpse to get us comfortable with seeing Lightships in the sky which could soon be quite a regular occurance once First Contact commences. 

Maybe this sky anomaly the moon?  This is not likely since the anomaly is lit up quite brightly on the side NOT facing the sun.

Maybe this sky anomaly is an example of some sort of sky weaponry?  This is possible...perhaps a brief trial run of some sort.  We know evil satan worshippers have figured out how to focus lifeforce energy (Prana) to create scalar weapons.

Maybe this sky anomaly is a lens flare from my camera?  It's possible.

Maybe this sky anomaly is hologram?  We know that  holograph technology using the  ionosphere is already perfected and in fact, the us military Project Bluebeam is designed to fake an alien invasion in the sky complete with sound effects, however we know any off-world visitation is likely to be assistance...why?  Because we're the most toxic planet in this Universe...we're IS the FOX NEWS of the Universe...we're THE SIMPSONS of the Universe!

If you have any ideas you'd like to share on what this image is and see what other people are saying, please visit David Icke's Forum

UPDATE MAY 26 2009

I'll post any insights I receive that resonate with me, that help to shed Light on the matter.

Joyous sky watching! 
Let's not be fearful that we might ultimately be incorrect, instead let's be unfearful so that we can discover that which is unknown, and journey to the Truth.


Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine), 40 years old, Magical Beach, Nicaragua, March 2009
I've been detoxing for at least 5 years from the modern world, and feeling great!

Awakening humans desire to live as cleanly as they can, they have a meaningful relationship with mother earth...they are desiring sustainable ways of life.

Awakening humans understand that water can hold human emotions and thought, so that they take steps to program the water they ingest and the water existing in their bodies. 


They realize that the earth is going through a photon belt (a band of high energy), thus accounting for "global warming", and is changing all life as we know it. 
They understand that due to the photon belt, entire new ways of living is becoming energy, space travel, the end of cancer and illness, no more slavery, no more brainwashing.

They know that they have been brainwashed and so that are taking steps to reprogram their subconscious. 

They realize that the human body is a highly sophisticated combination of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental energy.  They comprehend humanity and all life is CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A MUTATION due to the photon belt. 

Humans are shedding their dense physical bodies, and through detoxification, are developing their "Light bodies"...moving away from cancer, illness and death. 
Awakening humans have comprehended that the poisoning of the food supply has limited their capacity as human beings, therefore they are interested in numerous ways to detoxify their bodies and balance their body chemistry. 

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Awakening humans understand that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and they structure their lives to benefit from the Love, that they are becoming conscious of, that exists all around.

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They come to realize that God is in fact everywhere...He/She/It has been silently observing everyone...humans in denial come to realize it's not possible for God to leave that which is created.
  Awakening humans are understanding how to consciously co-create with God, understanding His Laws of Creation, balancing ego, serving God's Will, and attracting a life of abundance, peace, harmony, Love and Light.  To learn more about the Universe check out the Phoenix Journals.


They come to realize that the Universe is bursting with Intelligent Spiritual Conscious it's not farfetched to comprehend that humans are not alone and that WE ARE ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE.


Visit Indian in the machine's Sylphs and Cloudships page.

In fact they have come to realize that earth has already been receiving attention from off-world beings...

Who Are The Galactic Federation
of Light, and what is humanity's
mission with them?

A must-see page to learn about our current Earth getting visitation from our star family?

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

[] 04.15.09 SaLuSa

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Who Are The Galactic Federation
of Light, and what is humanity's
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It is said that Christ would come back in 2000 years bearing a new name...hhhhhe's back!!!


Some people think the world is going to end in 2012, instead an era is ending and an exciting new era is just beginning.


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[] 04.17.09 SaLuSa
First Contact.. | 17 April 2009 | 18:23:17

We are understanding of the fear generated on Earth because of the situation you are going through. Without a strong spiritual belief there appears to be no future for Mankind other than a continuance of the present turmoil. However, there will be hope arising from the action of certain people who are sufficiently far sighted to see the new direction you need to go in. Their voices will be heard, and because they are inspired notice will taken of their ideas. There has never been such an open period as now, where those in authority are desperately seeking help. We assist by getting behind our allies, as they know what is best to move matters on so that a satisfactory outcome is assured. Changes are needed as stepping-stones to higher and more suitable conditions, that will easily accommodate the new technologies. We cannot flood you out overnight, and certain preparations are essential to enable you to step into a new era. There is muddle and confusion all around as the old collapses, but like the Phoenix emerging from the ashes, you will take your opportunity to introduce a completely new way of working. New ideas will abound, and with our direct help you will be well on the way to establishing a more acceptable and free society.



There is so much to learn to enable you to play your part in determining your future. Fortunately your minds have transcended the old ways, and are drawn to new ideas that are awakening your consciousness. You see where Mankind has been held back, and desire to remove the barriers that have been erected to delay your progress. You have also realized you have an innate power that can project your thoughts, so that they become your reality. It is the realization that everyone can partake of such changes, that is bringing people together in a common cause. The time is up where the old brigade are concerned, and they are beginning to accept their fate. The more they try to re-establish their power, the more problems they encounter and their whole structure is breaking up. You have many opportunities to loosen their hold upon you, and our allies wait for such times ready to identify the areas that are ready for change. It is a waiting game but our vast knowledge of what is happening on Earth, will ensure we know when it is best to make our moves.


We expect some major event to signal the first opportunity to bring First Contact that bit closer. It will not take too much to create the degree of assurance, that is needed to gain the necessary cooperation required to make the first of our announcements. These will be carried out diplomatically and authorized by the powers that be at the appropriate time. Like everything else connected with our arrival on Earth, it has already been well rehearsed and the procedures tailored to follow your protocol. Do we have a Crystal Ball, the answer is no, but we do have magnificent computers that literally have a mind of their own. Yours by comparison are very basic, but serve your requirements for present. All of the new technologies will be yours to use to speed up the changes, and establish a communications network that will seemingly overcome the impossible. Distance will be no obstacle wherever you are in the world.


Over a period of time we have gradually given you information of the benefits that are to be yours. But for the deliberate concealment and blocking of many discoveries, you would for example have already been using a range of free energy devices. However, the Illuminati have kept you dependent on oil based fuels that are extremely profitable to them, and easily controlled where prices are concerned. They have little or no interest in curbing their use although they recognize that they are seriously polluting the earth, seaways and atmosphere. They try to justify the continued use of dirty fuels, such as nuclear energy from which they also maintain a supply of enriched uranium for their nuclear weapons. It seems that they are happy to ignore our authority, that allows us to prevent such use as starting a nuclear war. We know that there are some of you who find such facts unbelievable, but that is because you have been brainwashed for many years to accept war as a normal part of human experience.


Dear Ones, for many thousands of years you have given away your rights and allowed those with ambition for power to take over. You may have trusted them to look after you, and there were certainly many ancient times when you felt vulnerable and in danger from marauding gangs, or foreign incursions. Wars have been perpetuated as a deliberate means of keeping you in fear, and lining the coffers of those who always make fortunes from them. Now you know why there is no serious intent to bring world peace into being. However, people power is supreme, inasmuch that with their awakening as to how they have been used, they now sense that they can move Humanity onto a new path. Those who have a deeper understanding that includes those who follow spiritual messages, have learnt that they can create their own future. Needing no more than a focus upon the conditions of peace and harmony that they desire, they have set in motion the Laws of the Universe that have responded by allowing a great manifestation of positive energy that answers the call. We say that you have not only exercised your power of creation, but have attracted exactly what is required to achieve your aims. We are also part of that response, as you have called us to you recognizing the brotherhood that exists between us that is now set to bloom.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and slowly but surely we help you prepare for a most momentous event that will move you out of duality. Ascension is the goal, and our arrival will speed up your upliftment, whilst at the same time dealing with the need to bring Mother Earth up with you, as you will ascend together. There is so much that we can reveal about your true history, and we can support those claims with indisputable proof that exists in the Akashic Records. You will find it fascinating as holographic pictures bring the past back to life. Television as you understand it now will be eventually superseded by holographic images that are of course 3D, and in their experimental stage on Earth already. Our knowledge will conveniently follow on where you leave off, and exciting times lay ahead. Through all of this our objective is to lift you up, and our dealings with you based on our loving relationship with you. We carry out the bidding of the Creator with great passion and joy.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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