"This is how an Angel forms"

By Indian in the machine

As if taking one picture of an Angel wouldn't be monumental enough. I 
ended up with a sneak preview of sorts...totally by accident. This 
3-image photo documentary represents one of the most curious events ever 
captured on photographic 35-mm film. These images were taken at 
Cranberry Flats Saskatchewan CANADA Summer 2004 . They show the 
chrysalis of an Angel forming across an entire expansive prairie sky. 
Let's go through the images with a brief commentary of each.


Image 1. Sometimes when I take photographs I sense there is something 
special "in the air'....... I remember taking this image.....seeing 
this big fluffy cloud and sometimes with big clouds like these you can 
catch some strong rays when the sun is behind the cloud. I noticed 
there were some very strong almost blinding rays at the top of the cloud 
to the right. One thing that defintely struck me as curious was that I 
could see a curve to the rays. Note the grandmother profile to the 
right of the large fluffy cloud....a very nice touch from our higher 
intelligence family. At the very top of the cloud is where you can see 
one of the wings beginning to form.


Image 2. At this stage I took this picture because the wings were quite 
noticable. The Angel to me appears to be looking up with a tilted head 
as if stretching out to soon become a tall gorgeous being. The Angel 
that is obviously forming was not perceived by me or by the people 
around me at the time. All I saw was some incredibly unusual clouds 
that were wispy almost in a cotton sort-of-way.


Image 3. I took this image because it seemed like a classsically 
dramatic the sort of thing you'd see as a fake backdrop in a 
fake movie.....except it was real and it was breathtaking. I perceived 
the sky to have a special energy and I remember taking the effort to 
properly frame this image in the camera viewfinder so that it would be 
panoramic and wide.

It wasn't until I received the contact sheet which had thumbnail images 
of the entire roll of film did I imagine something special had taken 
place....I saw the Angel instantly but because the notion that I 
actually took a picture of an Angel seemed really obsurd to me. I 
didn't totally accept it at the onset.

I showed the contact sheet to a friend, and he said something to the 
effect like, "who's the chick?". At that moment, because prior to that I 
had already seen the Angel, I knew it was more than my imagination. 
Then after examining all the images on the contact sheet did I see that 
the two other images actually showed the Angel forming. Eventually it 
sunk.....I photographed an Angel. Not only that I photographed an Angel 
forming. In order to see any of this you have to tilt the image (I have 
already done this) so you are looking at the sky sideways.

I believe the message of this beautiful "Angel in the sky" is one of 
universal Love. This Angel could represent wonderful intelligence from 
the highest orders of the universe. When I contemplate the depth and 
magnitude of this concept; that intelligent loving beings all the way up 
the "Big Guy" are here revealing themselves to humanity this I would 
imagine would be a huge relief to humanity. The circus could finally be 
leaving town so to speak. 

Some channelled messages say that the name that our planet is known as 
throughout the universe is "Shan", which translates to "planet of tears" 
If this were indeed true, would it surprise anyone at this point? 
War, viruses, mindcontrol, poisoned planet, insane weather, madmen, 
terrorism, crooked politicans, poverty, starvation, nuclear fallout, 
tortured animal food supply.....and STILL....humanity continues as if 
nothing is amiss. The current shananigans on our crown jewel planet 
Earth/Shan are beyond the ridiculous. 

I believe the appearance of our beautiful Angel in the sky is a call for 
us... a challenge even, to say that it is within our potential to rise 
above our past shortcomings and to work together, each of us becoming 
free spirits working towards a peaceful coexistence on our planet. The 
competitive societies bred on this planet are clearly our collective 
doom. Competition takes all our energy all our talents and 
resources...and pays a miniscule return for our lifetime efforts and 
even penalizing us for the times we simply wish to Be ourselves. This 
really is a sick way to live. Collectively we lose out on everybody's 
unique gifts...simply because the system has little interest in 
uniqueness unless it can retain control. People...there is no freedom 
when there is control. Humanity....are you going to be a slave race or 
a free race? Love or war? Scarcity or abundance? Sharing or taking? 
We create our reality. Are you going to let greedy people cart around 
the rest of us and for what? A degraded way to live? Personal stresses 
and financial strains? Insecurity and fear? Hello?????

The message of the Angel could possibly be that we can turn things 
around on this planet anytime we so shall collectively choose. The 
power, Love and guidance "out there" is here and most likely has been 
here ALL ALONG. It was humanity who choose to go off on our own for 
awhile...who has been dazzled by our own accomplishments which has been 
distracting us from our true selves and our connection with Oneness. 

-Indian in the machine


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