10 July 2018

Man Taking Pain Killer Medication For 19 Years, Stops With Ionic Foot Bath!

Man Taking Pain Killer Medication For 19 Years, Stops With Ionic Foot Bath!

From Carl

It seems like a lot of people are trying to get off of pain killer drugs, and these foot plates sure do a good job of cleaning out our bodies. I know, since I was on pain killers for 19 years after 3 back surgeries. I have just taken my last methadone pill 2 months ago, and am doing foot baths 2 times a week. I have noticed an increase in the amount of waste in the water. I also have much less pain, since my body is no longer crying for some more drugs. Big pharma sure has a strangle hold on many people, and I am relieved that I am no longer on that list.

From Indian: Ionic footbaths, are proving over time, that they work, are safe, and are a practical way to balance out your body chemistry. Statistically, they are safer than peanuts, or driving a car, and even *gasp doctors visits haha… truth!… I have been selling ionic foot bath plates online for over 10 years, because it is one of the best things I can offer humanity… pure and simple…

You can order your set of ionic foot bath plates here (for international orders beyond North America, send direct email to Dieter at indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca):

Indian in the machine Ionic Foot Bath Plates… A Great, Safe Addition To Your Health Or Healing Business… $200 USD Includes Delivery Within North America!

More articles, information, ordering, videos etc here:

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