07 February 2018

Preparing My Body For Galactic Pulse!! I Am Restoring My Body And Health… Here Are Some Tips That Work

Preparing My Body For Galactic Pulse!! I Am Restoring My Body And Health… Here Are Some Tips That Work


The better you feel, the more you allow. – Abraham

Ashtar: Galactic Pulse Coming Your Way, All Will Change In Blink Of An Eye… Time for Warnings Has Passed… All Sides Have Been Long Chosen

If you are prone to disease and health complications or simply achieving improved versions of self… check it out…

We are learning what it takes to be healthy in this day and age… as humanity is also involved in a great mutating phase (yeah sometimes the greatest events are not seen in the papers right?)…
The big picture:
The issues of existing health imbalances are coming head-to-head with the gamma radiation that is blasting our planet… there is a need to take a cosmic health perspective to really see what is transpiring and to becoming health-wise.
Everyday, I put some clay in my bath, sometimes mixed with a bit of oil, himalayan salt, essential oils, boron, magnesium… I will alternate this mineral bath with more acidity (apple cider vinegar) to break up calcium deposits, or alkalinity (baking soda) to adhere calcium to the body. I love knowing that the minerals in this bath are nourishing scaIp. In my daily smoothie, I add clay and/or charcoal to my smoothies… for further detox and remineralization. I exercise my neck, to activate lymph and paralymph to ensure the calcium in my body will attach to hard tissue, and not soft tissue. I identify all parts of my body that are stagnant, and I move energy there. I add vitamins K, K2, D, D3, extra magnesium to my diet, and extra iodine. I make sure there are probiotics and enzymes in my diet so that I can digest food with healthy gut. I enjoy knowing that non-organic foods are anti-biotics that are killing off my health… it provides me with pleasure to sprout living foods so that I no longer rely on supermarket for their foods… I am limiting all starchy foods, which are unnatural foods. I walk past 99% of all supermarket food because none supports a healthy version of me.   I order my bulk organic seeds online.  I do not use refrigeration.  I add beef tallow to my sauces and soups, because I remember my ancestors ate the organs to be healthy, not the muscle.  I bless my water. I resonate with the energy of gold, to restore my DNA.  I have a shungite stone in my water for radiation.  I add minerals to my blood and then exercise to draw mineralized blood to body parts I am rebuilding via heat generated via exercise.  I am becoming stronger than ever before.  I can see demineralized foods, are an act of war… and I live in peace.  I am becoming a new version of human, while becoming healthy, and achieving balance. I realize the mutation of my DNA is something that I need to attend to.  
I have 12 years of sharing health tips on the internet…

Quitting coffee (mostly)… I went from a regular coffee drinker… to one cup in the last three weeks… no withdrawal symptoms… I was feeling I couldn’t be as healthy as I want to be, with that regular coffee in the morning…

Vegan Police Jaw Dropper! Vegetables Aren’t Inherently Healthy, Or The Best Moral Choice… Here’s Why!

Ultimate Wholistic Healing Drink For The Acid, Cancerous, Malnourished, Diseased And Just Plain Unhealthy, Who Desire A Quick Turnaround

If you drink 1 tsp to 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay water, and get some apple cider vinegar going, and himalayan salt… everyday, many health issues clear up. For fullest health, we need minerals in water and food, and the best remedy recommended by extraterrestrial commander, Hatonn… apple cider vinegar… table salt is corrosive. We also need the fullest hydration…himalayan salt is hydrating… some waters “go through you”… like bottled acidic waters… notice that?

Make Oxygenated Mineralized Clay Water: Supercharge Quadrillions of Cells With Oxygen Blast And Remineralization, And Overall Wholistic Health Benefits

10 Sound Healing Health Benefits

How Did She Get The Healthiest Blood? No Inflammation, No Cancer, No Candida… Same Way People Have Done It For Ages!

By now the majority of us, are steeped in major health issues… chronic stiffness, pre-cancer or cancer, acidity-related issues, emotional confusion, inability to think clearly, bloating, cramping, toxicity issues, loneliness, and more…



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