31 December 2017

If You Are Into Reading Numbers And License Plates,… Here’s A Good Story Of The Time I Went To The Casino To Win Big!

If You Are Into Reading Numbers And License Plates,… Here’s A Good Story Of The Time I Went To The Casino To Win Big!

I tried out my “I’m not gambling, I’m taking/receiving money” theory… at the local VLTs… and won big!  I thought I had cracked a big code in my own creation abilities, as I literally commanded those VLT machines give me money, and they obeyed… okay I thought… as the god that I am,  what if I do this everyday haha? Even though I know I am a rich god, why not a financially rich god? Er, sounds good to me…

So the next day I sprung out of bed, knowing that I wanted to try it again…

In an unusual move, I headed for the city with a friend earlier than usual in the day… to the land of Oz…. or in this case… a native casino! Woohoo, I got my casino cowboy hat on and everything… I practically brought in big plastic bags, for the loads of money I was gonna haul out…

So driving…  started to notice the license plates… as some of you know the numbers 999 are big with me…. my own license plate ends with 999

So right off the bat… I see a 998 license plate… if you’re into numbers, maybe you share my excitement with seeing this…

Then the very next care was a 989 license plate… okay I’m thinking… ‘jackpot here I come’!

Then a bit later in the drive… there was a ‘jac 777’ license plate, and I’m thinking… “God are you gonna give me a jackpot or what?!!”

Then a bit later… my lady friend spotted a 222 license plate.

Even the music in the restaurant we went to was playing, “Heaven” by Bryan Adams…

When we finally arrived at the casino, I made sure I connected with the god within, and headed for the zeus machine haha…

Well… after playing a bit… I was down only a few bucks… but no jackpot… I also noticed too that it seemed no one was winning in the entire casino… no bells went off… no one excited… and we had a full day… so stay tuned… this cowboy indian is hitting the jackpot all the time… and will definitely go back to those VLTs as a god to improve my god abilities. 🙂

Love, Indian



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