23 December 2017

If you want something real to be concerned about?

If you want something real to be concerned about?…. yeah,… be concerned if you know someone is doing good, and you are unable or unwilling to support them… be concerned if there is a hero in your presence, and you cannot see them for what they are, nor treat them for who they are… be concerned if inanimate objects have become more important than creatures you approve of, or despise…. be concerned, if you seek power over those you perceive as weaker than you… be concerned, if you find yourself talking about matters that do not improve upon the silence…. be concerned, if you do not know and love yourself… be concerned that your health, satisfaction for living, and soul evolution depend on wisdom, power and soul… christ…. be very concerned, if christ within, is something about yourself or others, that you would rebel against…. mock… or treat like a “nothing”… be concerned if you treat other lifeforms, big or small, like they don’t matter.



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