23 December 2017

I am Jupiter Optimum Maximus?

I am Jupiter Optimum Maximus? I was told in a reading yesterday that I was Jupiter god of the gods… god of sky and thunder… in association with other souls… it is interesting that Jupiter is associated with another name, “Diespiter,” which is remarkably similar to, “Dieter”, my birth name, which means, “god”. In this incarnation, I have a very special and documented relationship with the sky, helping humans to acquaint themselves with our sky family. God of thunder, sounds like “Electric Medicine Man”… one of my songs and CDs. Jupiter’s temple was a big deal in Roman life… so too, have I dreamt of a temple in this lifetime, that would host the music and celebrations of humans with ETs, spirits, orbs, and other lifeforms. Last week a dear friend, said she found it comfortable to call me, “Lord”… I didn’t mind because I know I am a teacher of the highest order. Jupiter was known to control the weather… in this lifetime, I know I can control the weather, although, it’s not a focus at this time… if this is all true, I need to hit the gym and get a toga!


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  1. M.

    Wow Dieter. Is that an extra soul or do they (the souls) swop? I try to stay ‘updated’. It seems you need an outside source to confirm your … changes. or were you already aware of it?
    How do you feel about it, upgraded as again a new … god? And are you allowed to use your power?
    Does this confirmation to you happen at the same time you become Jupiter?
    Thanks. I love you.

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