03 December 2017

A message from the cook in the soup kitchen…

A message from the cook in the soup kitchen…  

…you are here because you are hungry and are being fed.  Welcome, at this soup kitchen we now have served several million meals, some of those meals are epic on the scale of the last supper, which as Andrew I in attendance of.  Your donations for these meals we are eating together here at this soup kitchen, are not a hand-out… your donations are helping you to pay for the food that you are eating.  Regularly.  Sometimes for years…

Special thanks to my special angels who have been buying all the food for everyone, even one angel who has literally given all she has to give…I enjoy my role as cook for this grand potluck… but now we’re in a situation where the people with less, are feeding those who have more… sometimes people who don’t even bring food… ever… are complaining about the food… as a cook I can hear this from the kitchen… I have good ears…

Do you as a person that has more, really want a reality, where you need to be fed by those who have less than you?

I know you came to the cook who offers tasty good food.

I know I am a cook that enjoys cooking that tasty food for the masses.

I’d like to see more of you who are being fed, doing your part.

Make that donation, not because you’re helping the needy, but because you want to pay for the food you are eating… and maybe you want to pay for another’s plate as well.

The meals are becoming evermore delicious and nutritious.

From the food I serve, shall the eaters become more youthful, more energetic and more wise.

My food nourishes the soul.

Your soul will guide you to my words time and time again, until you are fully awake.

My words are for eternity, and so is your response to my words.

Thanks for listening,



You can donate via paypal or interac with email: indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca


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