19 November 2017

Message For Professional Cosmic Repairers To This Energy Grid And Matrix, From Peggy Black And The Team

Message For Professional Cosmic Repairers To This Energy Grid And Matrix, From Peggy Black And The Team

Peggy Black and the Team~ You are here to transform this 3D limited reality. You are here to seed, and anchor a new life-sustaining template. You are here to create the bridge or portal to the higher dimensions. You are here carrying the frequency that quickens and stimulates others to awaken to who they truly are. You are here as skilled alchemist transforming and transmuting any limited pattern of this old matrix. You are here as professional cosmic repairer to this energy grid and matrix. http://sananda.website/the-team-via-peggy-black-november-18th-2017/

Are you one of those ‘professional cosmic repairers’… one who comes back lifetime after lifetime, to ‘work on the grid’?  If so, thanks.


i join my light to cleanse the planetary earth grid of all warring energy



I JOIN MY LIGHT TO CLEANSE THE PLANETARY EARTH GRID OF ALL WARRING ENERGY. Posted on July 24, 2012 by Indian in the machine … energy, crystals and gemstones. My main website is http://www.indianinthemachine.com My music: https://indianinthemachine.bandcamp.com/ My Before Its News Articles: …

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