27 October 2017



Each human will learn to establish a new patterns of relationships that are spiritual… You go to the store, you have a spiritual transaction… you learn to stabilize and naturalize your energy field, sharing it. You learn to spiritually participate in world government. You learn to deal with lessons from a higher spiritual standpoint. You learn to balance your child and adult within. You learn to naturally and always be in the flow. You learn how great it feels to be authentic. You learn how powerful you are when you do not let others think for you. You learn how loving you are, from the fruit of the trees you have planted. You will look to the world and will bless it with something new, instead of being disappointed. You will learn of how humanity was taught by reptilians to live like reptilians…. heartless, cold blooded, cruel and harsh… and you learn that you were sent by the highest forces in creation, to be the one that would drop down in frequency, and to have some frightful experiences in this reptilian environment, and would decide to wake up…, humanity is basically an insanely behaving species that was trained to be selfish and to thus self-annihilate the whole species and planet… many watched and have done nothing, too busy earning their daily bread… and often that bread is stale, and innoculated with poison. Now each shall receiving all lessons needed, to make the choice to live as a love-based human. Listen to your I AM dialogue that you have with yourself and the world(For example, do you program yourself with, “I am tired”, or “I am energizing”… it will tell you where you are if you are stuck , or if you are asking the universe for more Light… please ask as often a necessary for more Light… ask Creator, ask your higher self, ask your spirit guides… we are spiritually assisted through this process, to establish new patterns of relationships that are spiritual and through new relations, do we now create paradise on earth. Within everyone there is a potential to be loving, warm, authentic, peaceful… please bring this out in yourself, so that you are the solution, not the problem to be solved. In order to harmonize with the planet… it’s the same stuff, that harmonizes you with the universe. The universe cannot force itself down upon you, so stop asking haha… keep asking for everything you want to grow yourself into the truest form of yourself… even through what you ask for may not immediately arrive, do not lose faith… many many new adventures are arriving, and all will be taken care of… for now we have to live in both worlds, the world ‘here’ and the world ‘arriving’… thoughts, imagination, intentions can be used to great effect, if you have faith and focus, in establishing new spiritual patterns of relationships that are spiritual… do want to continue to watch movies where others are magical… or do you want to be magic? On our magical journey, the shite may also hit the fan… so have the basics taken care of, if electricity, ATM cards, water, gas, go out… it’s gonna happen. Thanks for listening, new relating and sharing these words. -Indian in the machine

Yup… big changes…


Crystallizing Weight Gain Smoothie Made With Love – Indian in the machine


TRUTH LIGHTS THE WAY! The truth lights the way… doesn’t matter of you’re popular or not… doesn’t matter if you’re successful or not… doesn’t matter of you’re the official source of truth or not… many around us are cast in a spell of untruth… they will beckon you to join them in what they think they know… many around us are in the light… we are the ones who know the way.


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