10 October 2017

Vegan Police Jaw Dropper! Vegetables Aren’t Inherently Healthy, Or The Best Moral Choice… Here’s Why!

Vegan Police Jaw Dropper! Vegetables Aren’t Inherently Healthy, Or The Best Moral Choice… Here’s Why!

A vegetable or fruit isn’t inherently healthy or the best moral choice.

1. Vegetables and fruit grown on earth…  are often lacking in health…grown in a very immoral way…  just like animals, that are grown for meat…  it doesn’t make you better just eating veggies, and nor is a plant better than meat… there is a multi-layered story going on…

2.  There is a story behind your food, behind how it got to your plate… and the story of the consumer… also we can add there is a story between the consumer and their relationship with their food.

To decide what is best to eat, some factors are:

a. the food itself,

b. transport of that food,

c. the soil.

d. the energy of the grower

e. the energy of the consumer.

f.  did you ask that food if it’s okay to eat it?

g.  did you bless your food?

h.  did you ask your body what to eat?

i.   was the environment harmed or helped?

j.  are their additives, even ones not on the label?

Just because you eat veggies, fruit, roots, flowers, bark etc… doesn’t mean you have balanced rhythm with your environment, your food, or yourself.

What is a good plant to eat????

Plants grown from non genetically altered seeds, with love, and in healthy high-mineral non-polluted soil, that have adequate nutrition to sustain good health, that are grown close to where you eat it, and do not cost an arm and a leg, and are consumed with god intentions, and are what the body is asking for… and the plant agrees to be eaten (they all basically do, but it’s about respect right… just because you want to eat a veggie doesn’t mean you can’t ask it first!)

Okay you might be… yeah, he’s making sense… yeah, I am…

The healthcare industry and people, are lying to you, that coca-cola is unhealthy…

Food And Health Tips To Help You Become Immortal

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Maria Enaje People don’t realize how many creatures die during commercial veggie farming because of the tractors and equipment used. Rabbits, mice, frogs, insects, and more, and those animals don’t even feed anyone. Of course this also happens when any crop is grown commercially, like cotton. So even our t-shirts are products of animal slaughter. Not so humane. I’m glad you’re talking about this. It’s not the fault of any of us regular people that colonialism and the industrialized revolution turned society this way. All we can do is keep on doing our best to bring more sanity and humaneness to the world in those ways that call our hearts


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