07 October 2017



MAGICAL SPIRIT WALK~ Today I made the time for a magical spirit walk… I ended up in a sound healing store hehe… I needed a few stones to help me… the nice lady sprayed some crystal mist on me, and asked me what I was looking for… I asked her to recommend a stone for me… she said Moss Agate because she was getting an earthy vibe from me… so after browsing the store for a while and checking the other crystals and stones, I was pleasantly surprised that she was right (and so was she!)… the stone I need at this time is Moss Agate… I added Jet to my pocket as well for grounding… we Lightworkers don’t always ground as much as we reach for the stars… oh, and she turned out to be a total soul sister too haha. it’s… m- m- m- magic!

Learn about Moss Agate here: https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/moss-agate


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