06 October 2017

TRUTH TRUMPS POLICY~ I went to a pool to use sauna and steam room…

TRUTH TRUMPS POLICY~ I went to a pool to use sauna and steam room… the steam was fine, but the sauna seats were made out of particle board, so I refused to both use it, or pay for it… like, who makes hot sauna seats out of a material that off-gasses, glue!… now, normally I might just suck it up, and cut my losses… but I talked to the receptionist who wouldn’t even give me a couple of dollars back… then another lady came out… then another lady… she said we don’t have a policy to provide returns…sorry… 3 women to handle this one… but we can give you a courtesy pass. I said thanks… please know that I’m also being courteous by not yelling right now… because you’re expecting me to pay for a facility I didn’t use, and I don’t pay money to gas myself…then calmly… I say you have not provided a healthy sauna, and thus you have not delivered what your mandate says you will… and I didn’t get what I paid for, so you have no legal grounds to keep my money… and so I got my money back…. and that my friends, is how truth trumps policy… god day.


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