06 October 2017

Do NOT Miss This! Positivity And Personality Are Connected To Nutrition

Do NOT Miss This! Positivity And Personality Are Connected To Nutrition






ADD and ADHD – fast oxidation, slow oxidation with copper imbalance, all toxic metals, low Na/K ratio,

Alcoholic –  low zinc, high copper, (alcohol depletes zinc and magnesium and B-complex vitamins), fast oxidizers may crave acetates in alcohol.  Slow oxidizers may crave sugars in alcoholic beverages and use alcohol to maintain blood sugar levels.

Anger – fast or slow oxidation, a low Na/K ratio, often with a calcium shell, copper, iron or manganese toxicity.

Anxious – fast or slow oxidation, especially a calcium imbalance, mercury, copper, cadmium or lead toxicity.

Apathetic – low energy, usually a very slow oxidizer, possibly other toxic metals that go with slow oxidation or perhaps a very low Na/K ratio.

Anorexia – high copper, low zinc (low appetite), low Na/K, hidden copper toxicity indicators or hidden low zinc indicators.

Awareness, reduced –  calcium shell, very slow oxidation, elevated copper, low zinc, low Na/K ratio, four lows.

Brain fog – copper imbalance, usually a slow oxidizer, aluminum and often other toxic metals such as mercury, lead or cadmium.

Bipolar disorder – mixed oxidation, four highs, four lows, very slow oxidation rate.

Compulsive – four lows, fast oxidizers at times, low K at times.

Defensiveness – Ca/Mg ratio greater than 9 or so, spiritual defensiveness pattern, high Na/K ratio, very low Na/K ratio, fast oxidation, calcium shell.

Depression – very slow oxidation and low Na/K ratio, also toxic metals such as nickel, cadmium and others

Developmental delay (PDD and many other labels) – zinc deficiency, or toxic metal excess.

Effeminate tendency – excess copper in men, especially, or low zinc possibly.

Emotional repression – calcium shell, perhaps a low Na/k ratio.

Heart-centered – perhaps slow oxidation, higher copper, and a good zinc level.

Hidden severe emotional trauma – Na/K ratio less than 1:1, very slow oxidation with a calcium shell (often a very sensitive person).

Irritable, nervous – fast oxidation, high copper, toxic metals such as mercury, cadmium and others.

Learning disorders – many imbalances, low energy, all toxic metals, copper in gifted children.

Low libido or low sex drive – slow oxidation, calcium shell (numbed or suppressed), low Na/K and other low energy patterns.

Macho (toughness) – cadmium excess.

Manic – fast oxidation, high copper, mercury or perhaps other toxic metals.

Mood swings – see bipolar disorder.

Not as heart-centered – perhaps fast oxidation, especially with a low Na/K ratio.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder – fast or slow oxidation with high copper, low Na/K, perhaps other toxic metals such as mercury.

Paranoid – fast oxidation, especially if extreme, low Na/K ratio, very slow oxidation, or a calcium shell.

Passive-Aggressive – four highs plus a calcium shell, and perhaps with a low Na/K ratio.

Phobias – fast or slow oxidation, low zinc, high copper, low Na/K ratio.

Psychosis – high copper or most toxic metals.

Schizophrenia – high copper or manganese, possibly mercury or other metal toxicity.

Self-esteem, low – bowl pattern (high Ca/Mg with low Na/K), low energy patterns such as a very slow oxidation rate.

Sexual dysfunctions  – high copper, very low copper in a fast oxidizer, toxic metals, very slow oxidation, for men only: low zinc, high cadmium, high copper associated with impotence and erectile dysfunction.
 or detached – high copper or high manganese, mainly in slow oxidizers.

Vitality, low – four lows, low Na/K or phosphorus less than 12 mg%.

Workaholic pattern – four highs/three highs with a high sodium/potassium ratio.


Wow… I am realizing that the ionic foot bath is more important than ever, for the ability to manipulate ionic ratios of all sorts. 🙂

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Safe, Affordable, Effective Detox With Ionic Foot Bath Plates (Sold Here… Delivery To Canada And US)



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