06 October 2017

Chinese Tourists, Indian in the machine, and Tim Horton’s

Chinese Tourists, Indian in the machine, and Tim Horton’s

British Columbia is very popular with oriental tourism, for many reasons… locale, beauty, affordability, nature etc… most of the have cameras, and I see them clicking away all the time… one thing I noticed too, is how little the chinese tourists mingle with the locals… or anyone else for that matter… sometimes I catch them looking at me… and they usually look away rather fast.

At a restaurant… (Korean haha)… I chinese couple sat beside me, and although the food wasn’t that great… I heard him say, “the food tastes just like back home”… teehee…

On my way out, I stopped at their table, and said, “Welcome to Canada… I hope you are enjoying yourself…”, and we started a brief conversation, and both he and his wife, become quite animated, smiling and such…. hey a breakthrough of sorts I thought… for me as well. 🙂

This morning I was at Tim Horton’s (a military-inspired cafeteria chain of poor quality food, marketed as “Canadiana”) and THIS TIME, a chinese tourist came up to my table to ask me a question, and we had a brief moment of giggles because he couldn’t figure out how to open his Tim Horton’s coffee lid…. there was eye contact, two brothers laughing.

Interesting I thought… I wonder if it had something to do with yesterday’s conversation… I’m not sure why but I’m a little teary eyed, typing this…

Indian in the machine



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