04 October 2017

They Don’t Get Much Arthritis In Israel! Soil War Exposed! Regular Food Is Not Enough Anymore, And Here’s Why

They Don’t Get Much Arthritis In Israel! Soil War Exposed! Regular Food Is Not Enough Anymore, And Here’s Why

You don’t need to be a soil scientist to understand this…

  1.  When food is grown it takes nutrients from the soil.
  2.  Over time if food is commercially grown year after year, using the same soil, the soil needs to replace those nutrients.
  3.  Common fertilizers DON’T replace ALL nutrients.
  4. However, different crops in separate fields will require varying rates of the majornutrients – nitrogen (N), phosphate (P2O5), and potassium (potash, K2O) – due to variations in soil types, soil test phos- phorus and potassium levels, and nutrient ranges of different crops. https://pubs.ext.vt.edu/content/dam/pubs_ext_vt_edu/424/424-035/424-035_pdf.pdf
  5. Foods grown with standard fertilizers will be SUBSTANDARD, because not all of the nutrients are put back into the soil, from the previous crops.
  6. Demineralized food, is war against the people
  7. It isn’t hard to put back minerals into the soil… it just doesn’t usually happen with commercially grown foods.
  8. An adequate fertilizer will surely put back the negative ionically charged minerals… iodine, boron, silica, sulfur etc…. ALL OF THEM!
  9. How about himalayan salt?  84 minerals vs 4 or 5 for common fertilizers!

    Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt for Soil Mineralization


    The idea of using diluted sea water as fertilizer for soil and plants came from a doctor named Maynard Murray. He describes the method in his book Sea Energy …

  10. If your food is substandard, you will crave salty snacks, and more food!
  11. If your food is substandard, on purpose… it’s because others crave power over you, while you end up reaching for snacks to satisfy a hunger you don’t really understand.

Why don’t they get much arthritis in Israel?

Low boron, higher arthritis – Green Health Watch


In areas with high boron drinking water there is no arthritis in either humans or … In Israel, with highsoil boron levels, arthritis runs at 1% compared to 20% in the …

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  1. Maria

    I have Himalayan table salt. Is that just as good?
    I just finished throwing coffeegrounds over the soil in my allotment. It should chase the snails away and attrack worms, which is exactly what I need.

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