25 September 2017

You Can Only Heal When You BECOME Your Own Healer

You Can Only Heal When You BECOME Your Own Healer

Hey all along, as people challenged me… I held the notion that as we heal, we learn how to effectively manage our body chemistry, to achieve ideal chemical balance… as someone who has become my own healer, I continue to feel amazing with sharing the ionic foot bath experience, as a gentle and very effective way to introduce more negative ions in to the body, causing all bodily functions that are sluggish from acidity,  to improve.  I note that ionic foot bath experiences are much safer than hospitals… the statistics strongly support this statement… perhaps that is why our health care systems do not teach people how to be their own healer… but I do!

You may also be interested to know that my coca-cola apple cider vinegar remedy for chronic inflammation an effective way to use acidity to dissolve calcium deposits… http://www.indianinthemachine.com/

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