24 August 2017


ANATOMY OF A REPTILIAN POSSESSION – I received some questions on this incident and feel it’s a god idea to let you know how this happened. Essentially a friend got possessed a few days ago by a reptilian by abusing drugs. This created ‘a way in’ from dark forces, that used my friend to attack me. I had noticed a change in tone in my friends voice, and he couldn’t make eye contact with me… and no wonder… because his eyes had gone ‘very dark’… then when I said, “the time is 2:02″, he or should I say, “it” got kinda agitated… I was pumping out the love, but nonetheless, the energy attack began with a brown cloud… heart palpitations, dizziness and finally I passed out… twice. Although there could be a rise of these attacks in these final days of the old, I figured… naaaah…. and already send the negative reptilians and their allies packing… because I believe and know that true power does come from manipulating others… thanks for joining me… with love of course, in sending them to their next suitable placement… the reptilians have been worthy opponents and even had the odds stacked in their favour against this earth and human species… but this planet and this species is no longer for them or others to manipulate…. we’re now in the Golden Age… the gates of heaven have swung open… all power comes from within…

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