13 August 2017

Important Health Discovery! Coca-Cola/Apple Cider Vinegar Spray Is World’s Greatest Inflammation And Wrinkle Buster

Important Health Discovery! Coca-Cola/Apple Cider Vinegar Spray Is World’s Greatest Inflammation And Wrinkle Buster

Indian in the machine

Coca-cola is a strong solution, which can be used for medical purposes… if you know what to do that is.

Coca-cola For Health?  Why?

Coca-cola is not a healthy beverage, but it is a healthy medicine… have you been drinking cola-cola your entire life, chances are, this hasn’t been a healthy experience… however, as a medicine, Coca-cola is one of the best… simply because it dissolves, ‘gunk’… grease… toxic buildup… mucus buildup… all those things ‘stuck’ in our bodies, can be dissolved with Coca-cola.

Coca-cola is very strong…

Coca-cola is very strong… so you can dilute it with apple cider vinegar.  It is the acidity that is key here… for dissolving calcium buildup… especially implicated in the creation of wrinkles… arthritis… or blockages of any kind… I can’t stress that enough… if you can find a way to safely deliver it to a body part… it can help.

Basic recipe:

50% coca-cola, and 50% apple cider vinegar.. in a spray bottle.

How to use:

Simply spray your face, or body part, and let the solution soak in.

Other augmentations:

You can add to your skin, before or after you’ve applied the mixture…

-Magnesium (which helps to dissolve the calcium

-Olive oil and himalayan salt, mixed with dash of borax *borax is EXTREMELY effective in regulating magnesium and calcium levels!!!

For Further Increased Effectiveness, Add Something Gritty

-Bentonite clay or diatomaceous earth for the ‘grit factor’… to your skin… this will add effectiveness, since we would now have a strong solution and something gritty to scrub the crud.

For Further Increased Effectiveness, Add Heat

If you did this in a sauna, or in the sun, it would certainly be more effectiveness… think of cleaning your bathroom faucet… vinegar and hot water work better eh?

Is this dangerous?

Not for me it isn’t, but everyone is different.  If you get a rash or have some adverse effect, it’s more likely to do you… I personally have been soaking in the 33 degrees hot afternoon suns, and the inflammation spray, and I’ve had no peeling all summer!

You are your own doctor, so keep getting to know yourself and your limits… everyone is different.

Is this a major health breakthrough?

Most certainly, yes… it is… most of us have had calcium build up in soft tissue, as we’ve consumed corn fed animal products that are inherently inflaming.  Obviously for all of this to be most effective you must stop eating foods that cause inflammation… which are often everywhere all around us!  Challenging but doable.

Coca-cola is one of the most common products around… it’s cheap… it’s acidic, therefore it works!… LOOK AT HOW EXPENSIVE ‘HEALTH-CARE HAS BECOME, COCA-COLA IS THE CHEAPEST REMEDY!

 You need to press hard, as the inflammation gets softer

Any major side-effects will come from the acidity… so you simply have to neutralize it… after your skin has soaked in all the above ingredients that you are using… the next step is to press, poke, rub, prod, exercise, massage… anything to break up the inflammation which will have a consistency of tiny rocks, or rubbery grit… GETTING SOFTER.

How long will I have to do this?

That depends on you… but continued use, including the management of acid,

 You need to neutralize the acidity

The hazardous part of coca-cola, used over time,  is the acidity, a few hours later or so…. simply add baking soda, a bit of himalayan salt, and similar amount of magnesium to a final coating of your skin…. this will prevent the acidic buildup.

Many humans got it all backwards

How many people get sicker and sicker, or watch other people get sick and say, ‘oh dear, what can I do?’… I’ve literally watched people around me, slowly die, rather than to listen to the solutions I offer… it ain’t easy to live that way… when you can’t even see the solution when it is offered to you…

Many humans got life all backwards… they spend all their money on things that harm or don’t work… and then comes along a nice guy like myself… who actually has the solution, and I will be met with hostility, anger, accusations and skepticism… even as I offer the solution for many people for free, people will call me a fraud, as they steal or use my ideas… so I ask you, to be that human that engages with me with your heart, not your mind… imagine how ridiculous it is, that I can help save people from cancer, or help improve many deadly health conditions, and yet the last thing people would consider is to be supportive, while paying $1000’s for chemotherapy (that doesn’t even work haha)… please consider a paypal  or interac gift (use email: indianinthemachine@yahoo,ca, for both), to help keep my good works going. I’m completely worth it…  I’m completely independent, and have not sold out, and I have offered you the best… my words are an answer to many prayers. I hold space to share the best with the world… thanks for listening!

Love, Indian


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