28 June 2017

You Are Dealing with Self-Imposed Blockages And Limitations… Here’s What Archangel Uriel Says About It

You Are Dealing with Self-Imposed Blockages And Limitations… Here’s What Archangel Uriel Says About It

By Genoveva ~ LOVE HAS WON ~

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, Bringer of the Future in this Now, Bringer of the Truth and Peace into your heart, your beloved friend and family, your companion at these times of rapid and tumultuous changes.

I am here to assist thee, to gently guide and softly direct you on the path of your Soul, on the path of the Light and Love, while you and the whole collective is being bathed, washed and cleaned by The Mother’s Tsunami of Love.

You are strong dearest hearts, you Know what is your next step, you do remember pieces of your Divine plan and have trust in yourself and in your sense of direction. You are the Champions of Love and you are the strongest of the strong! Have the courage to move on and step into the new, take action even when it seems to be something that had never been done in the past. Taking action in these times of transformation means letting go and surrendering to the flow of Love and not so much of doing something outrageous or dangerous.

Each and every one of you have different blockages and self imposed limitations, issues that you need to be made aware now, and that you have buried deep, deep into your unconscious and subconscious bodies and that you are slowly or swiftly releasing and eliminating. Take your time and go within your heart, see the Flame of Silver burning bright and sit there in serenity and peace with Me for as long as you need, to find out what it is that you are to work with at this time.

Ask questions if you wish, and be prepared to listen and absorb the information that comes to you and be assured that you will be given all that you are ready to comprehend and understand at this time! Do not be afraid of what you might find, and just because you have been locking these issues out of sight and conscious mind, it doesn’t mean that they are bad or horrible! Remember that you are Beings of Light, daughters and sons of The Mother/ Father, Mighty defenders of the Throne, and you would not have planned and decided to travel with anything that would be less than the brilliance and the love that You are!

You have been placing these memories and issues into a separate file and drawer so you can function in the world as it is until you became ready to tackle these old type of limitations. It may take some time or better said, a different approach to understand the multi-layered issues and how to let go of them, how to proceed next, for as you know, the higher you get on the spiral back home, the more tricky and confusing it may become, and at the same time your ego will attempt to stop you and he/she will seem to become more forceful and convincing in his attempts to take you off the narrow path of light.

Yes, We are here with thee, We are watching you in amazement and pure delight, We cheer you on, always, but it is your wish to have you reach the understanding, to learn every lesson on your own, with your wonderful team of divine helpers, and this is why it seems that we are a little more distant or softer then before. You are never, ever left alone, it would be impossible to separate from us and from the Mother and Father one!

But you have the all the tools and you have My Silver Flame of Illumination that can see through any type, shape and form of darkness, gray or in between, through any illusion!

Ask for the Flame of Truth to assist you, be willing to see the Truth always, set the intention to Be Love and compassion in every moment and reinforce this throughout the day, and then expect to have only Joyful and Peaceful encounters and events!

I will leave you now with sprinkles of Silver, with abundance and gentle fortitude!

Until next time,

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Such useful information for us all, thanks Uriel…

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