12 June 2017

New IITM Music! Mission: Ascension Acceleration… Download Now… Pay Now Or Later And Even Name Your Amount…

Mission: Ascension Acceleration

Indian in the machine

With great pleasure, I share with you, this project two years in the making, across Canada and Mexico and across space and time… feel free to enjoy it with me… instant download available… but first, read on… 

What is this mission alluded to in the title?  Essentially the mission goes like this… we came from higher frequencies, and incarnated in bodies to become human… during this process we had to ‘dip down in frequency’ quite a bit… to a rather low dark frequency.  And then of course, there would be a rising, back to the frequency we came from before we became human.  The only thing is… that rising up part, can be quite tricky… and not only that… the situation may require an acceleration of the process of rising up… this music is magically and specifically created to assist you in your ‘remembering’ and ‘rising up quickly’… for those who choose to do so, may those souls remember that we are heading back to where we came from… except we are retaining these bodies this time (immortality).

*This music is mixed with headphones for a focused shamanic stereo experience…

1. My Spirit Guides Walk Through the Door

Some of my recordings have an “extra magical quality”, and for me, this is one of them.  A spoken word set to a soundtrack of previously mixed and stretched vocals… harmonizing and mixed in spirit, with my bass drum, and other drum magic made with the Trigger Finger Pro.

(Vocal, Keyboard, Lute, Trigger Finger Pro, Bassdrum)

2. Heavenly Tribe

An epic remix of “Heaven Inside”… 6 months in the making… resulting in a complete overall from the original with added rhythms, that build to great effect… resulting in 3 distinct sections that slowly blend the tribal and the angelic. .

(Vocal, Keyboard, Rattle, Bassdrum)

3. Uriel Dreams

Indian channels Archangel Uriel… it’s that simple… though his music and words… this track is an example of what that sounds like.


4. Spirit Of The Ancestors

There are certain vocal signatures that simply help one to “remember”… Indian enjoys working with unusual vocals.. and working with modern sounds, to create a sound that is both futuristic and ancestral… this is one of those tunes.

(Vocal, Triggerfinger)

5. Somewhere In A Past Life

Indian’s chanting… it’s very unique and yet very familiar to many, at the same time.  Somewhere along the way, Indian decided to use less words in his music and more feeling, in order to tell a story, this one being a story of past lifetimes, all coming together into this final lifetime in 3D earth.

(Vocal, Piano)

6. Spirit Of The Buffalo (2017 Remix)

Another epic remix… this time from “Spirit of the Buffalo”, a song from “Electric Medicine Man”.  Indian recalls the time he sat in a recording studio, a music producer showed him how he listens to “Spirit of the Buffalo”, laying on his couch with the lights dim, after smoking some marijuana.  This remix, retains the magical mysterious energy of the original with added rhythms and bass drum.

(Vocal Donna Lucian, Keyboard, Rattle,  Bassdrum, Triggerfinger)

7. Prophecy Heart

One of Indian’s treasured accomplishments, is the ability to channel original music with vocal with simple accompaniment… like a sonic snapshot of the creative moment.

(Vocal, Lute)

8. Talking With Higher Self

Imagine being able to talk directly to your own soul via another channeler… that’s what Indian did… set to a background of Indian’s vocals.  Indian got to ask one of his souls, literally anything, some of the results featured here.

(Vocal with Jim Charles, Keyboard)

9. Golden Thread Of Life

This one is special to Indian because it features his rare, “Lute”… an ancient 12-stringed instrument, that Indian recently learned, that he has played in past lifetimes… makes sense.. what are the odds of a Native Cree-German hybrid, playing a Mexican lute with a natural ability?


10. Future Self Chant

What if your future self, has a message for you today?  That is the premise behind this track… with the intention of connecting with the being we both “are”, and “are becoming” at the same time.  The timeless, “lute” provides the perfect backdrop.

(Vocal, Lute)

11. A Piano Song Before The Event

Indian has known for years that some “big event” would likely happen in this lifetime… this is a spirit song played on the piano.


12. Birds Welcoming Angels And Extraterrestrials

A few magical birds appear… they are harbringers of the presences to come… the brotherhood and sisterhood presences from the spiritworld… the heavenly hosts, returning to earth.

(Nature, Vocal, Keyboard)

13. Instantaneous Sound Temples All Over The World 

A mesmerizing blend of the ancient Tibetan singing bowls, with sonic weavings of the modern crystal bowls… the resulting blend is a clearing effect that is the perfect way to envision one’s self with heaven on earth.

(Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls) 

Download Now… Pay Now Or Later And Even Name Your Amount…

Comments from Youtube

Like a prayer. For We, the People ! :o))

Awesome job, brother! Peace!

Felt intimidate goosebumps and …tingles in my limbs and back of neck. Amazing

You did something pretty awesome there, my brother 🙂 Really nice presence in the headphones…stirred the etheric! Peace!

Wow. What a magical journey indeed

beautiful sound we will be homoluminous


Thank you Brother for sharing this new inspiration, very beautiful and appropriate for this accelerated timeline we are in. Love and blessings Brother Indianinthemchine. Peace.

This is trippy…it’s like taking RnA drops! Thankx for the remix.

Sounds of the indigenous

Ah ….that beautiful chanting …so moving

TEARS of Joy ! Yes the Time has come ! So well received, I would LOVE for everyone to HEAR this , as I did, FEEL it , as I did. Thank you, once again, Indian in the Machine as always :o))


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