29 April 2017

Why I Wash My Hair With Dawn Dishsoap And You Could Too!

Why I Wash My Hair With Dawn Dishsoap And You Could Too!

I used to be a shampoo user… then I wised up… and realized that many shampoos are part ‘sham’ and part ‘poo’ haha….!

  1.  Shampoos leaves residue… Dawn is designed to not leave a residue… nuff said… why would something designed to clean, leave residue… I shake my head…
  2.  Dawn costs less than regular shampoo (which as we’re learning, is not the way to go if you want clean hair. Dawn is cheap… $1.25 at the ‘dollar store’.
  3. My hair stays cleaner longer.  (Regular Shampoos  will leave your hair greasy after a few days).
  4. Dawn is used to clean up grease… specifically the oil on the animals affected by oilspills… which is pretty good… so if it’s good enough to clean up the animals from the petrochemical age… why not humans?

    Why Dawn Is The Bird Cleanser Of Choice For Oil Spills : NPR When asked whether they have to use Dawn, Nevill replies, “Dawn definitely works the best. It very effectively removes grease but does not cause harm to the skin of the birds.”

    Kirk Prest, who ferries biologists through the oily waters, says he uses Dawn all the time.

    “Just to clean my hands several times during the day,” Prest says. “It cuts the oil the best out of the different soaps. I would say most of the folks working this cleanup know that.”

  5. My hair stays less tangled with Dawn… in fact, I can comb my fingers through my naturally curly hair, rather easily with it… with sham-poo, my hair only stayed tangled for a few hours, not days!
  6. My hair feels better!  My hair truly feels clean for days, because it is truly clean… sorry shampoo, none of you could do this for me.
  7. No more chemical residue in the scalp... Sham-shit, leaves residue that builds up in the scalp… imagine years of gunk being stuck in the scalp!
  8. Combine with vinegar for even better effects! You can read about the power of Dawn and vinegar, when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, or kitchen… imagine that same power can be used to clean your lymph, which for most people, is very very clogged!
  9. You can use it on your skin too!  Yeah, it leaves the skin super clean feeling too… so it’s rather convenient to use the same dishsoap for both hair and skin.
  10.  Dawn is tough and mild! It can clean CRUDE OIL… and delicate feathers of the birds… so that’s a pretty cool mix… tough and mild.

Okay, after a few months of using Dawn… I am hooked, pleased, hair looks better, and so I am definitely sharing the good news with all sham-pooey users…. I hope everyone figures out what a sham many shampoos are… not all of course…

May you be blessed with great hair and heaven on earth…

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