05 April 2017

10 Key Ascension Lightbody Tips To Boost Testosterone Levels


10 Key Ascension Lightbody Tips To Boost Testosterone Levels

Humans… you have made some amazing progress with boosting testosterone… but let’s face it… there’s a whole lotta estrogen out there, created by a slave diet of cooked foods, demineralized breads, plastics, petrochemicals, and other ongoing food wars, against us… all that is now ending, as humans gain back our male/female balance, that each human does have, so we can work with effectively managing our testosterone levels, that all too often, have dropped. Humans are literally eating plastic rice these days… which has adverse effects, thus, living like a normal human would result in low testosterone levels, which may not even be noticed because it happens so gradual. 

Generally as you become more balanced in all aspects of health, you will gain much more energy and clarity.

Essentially creating your light body has many similar components that have been adapted by body builders for increasing testosterone… but there’s always a next level!

  1. Crystallize Your Body With Crystal Water:   Believe crystals have a role in our water supply, how can that be, as earth itself is becoming crystal? It cannot be true.  The ultimate you in physicality, is crystal. https://crystallizeyourlightbodynow.wordpress.com/
  2. Fullest Nutrition Is Super Important: Many testosterone booster articles cover certain vitamins and minerals… let’s make sure the most important ones are covered:  Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Boron, Sulfur, Silica, Vitamins C, D2, K2, enzymes for digestion of anything that is not raw.
  3. Eat High Fat Foods... and have lots of it… listening to one’s body of course.
  4. Become A Sproutarian: Many other articles mention the value of seeds… however if you SPROUT your seeds, you will be adding lots of natural based vitamins to your diet.  Did know if you sprout sesame seeds you create super levels of Vitamin E, and that sesame seeds are a unique source of Vitamin T… http://www.thesproutarian.com/othersproutarianfoods.htm  Vitamin T…. is that T for testosterone?  Who would know since most humans don’t sprout their seeds!
  5. Send Blood To All Your Muscles:  …all of them, not just your favorite ones… when your entire body is pumping with blood, this is a sign for your body to turn on the testosterone switch… not everyone has to hard exercise to do this… a good yoga pose for this purpose, will have all your muscles present and active for your poses.
  6. Exercise Your Prostate:  This may naturally happen if you are doing squats… but if you are not doing squats, then make sure your prostate is exercised okay… if you have one haha… if you are a woman, then exercise your g-spot muscle… it is not a sexual thing, it is a feel good thing, if you are doing yoga this may already be happening.
  7. Soak Your Skin With Vinegar: If you are human, then there is a good chance your body soft tissue is covered in calcium… vinegar will help dissolve this, to either excrete it, or transfer it to hard tissue.
  8. Grass Fed Dairy Eggs and Meat, The Other Stuff Is Poison:  Many do not know this, that corn fed animals have inherent inflammation, which is passed on to those who consume milk, dairy and meat.  Imagine the leaps in your testosterone if you eat like your healthier anscestors.
  9. Charcoal And Clay Are Super Important Because Purity Is Important: The idea here is that contaminants like plastics, and petrochemicals mainly cause a decrease in testosterone… this is why if you incorporate clay into your food or water intake, you will use a natural remedy that knows what to take out, and what to leave.
  10. Your pH levels must be balanced... no exceptions.  There are many ways to do this. It’s essentially about consciously managing your body’s pH levels, so that all your body’s chemical processes are at a efficient level.

As usual, you know what is best for you, so enjoy your numerous health experimentations… as you enjoy your new found levels of health, vitality and wellbeing!

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