02 March 2017


SHAMANIC SOUND HEALING WITH QUADRAPHONIC SOUNDTRACK ~ Shamanic sound healing in quadraphonic sound… imagine an evening of shamanic drumming, supported by a soundtrack of native chants, that have been slowed down, stretched and digitally manipulated with effects, in quadraphonic sound. Yup, I’m very excited to offer this most unusual sonic experience, that is sure to go deep. As well within the next few months, I will be hosting my first shamanic sound healing workshop (tentative date for mid-April)… with hands on experience. I will share some of my stories, and techniques I’ve learned, as a sound healer and international drum carrier. The results I’ve seen from years of experimental sound healing via private and group sessions, has been overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to gathering in these manners with some of you in the next few months on the west coast of Canada! During this time, I will be available for lots of one-on-one via private sessions (sound healings, angel card readings, wholistic health guidance) Contact: indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca Love, Indian


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