02 March 2017

Dear cherished readers… a new day has dawned… a new website too… and more!

Dear cherished readers… a new day has dawned… a new website too… and more!

I’m pleased to make the announcement that I have created a new website that will be covering similar material as this website, so feel free and welcomed, to join me at http://www.ournewearthnews.com

At O.N.E. News, there are many ways we can be together, here’s what we are currently choosing:

1. To be messenger for Prime Creator, Sananda, angels, galactics, inner earth and ethereal spirit beings.

2. To assist with the detoxification and transmutation of humanity.

3. To assist humanity with developing the spirit of truth, so humanity can choose more focus over it’s destiny.

4. To help earth comprehend the end of times and the corresponding earth changes.

5. To in-courage the disbursement and promotion of key new technologies.

6. To be a healing-based news service, that helps humanity to raise it’s vibrations.

7. To bring a clear and true perspective to matters of world importance.

8. To guide leaders, visionaries, and humans of the new age.

9. To share and celebrate the loving spiritual artistry of the 144000 Rainbow Warriors and those inspired by them.

10. To help earthlings comprehend, the “Third Grand Experiment”, and next 100-200 years of fast-tracked evolution.

It is very enjoyable to share with you at this end, during this magical time of great change… your support is appreciated, please consider sending a financial gift, if you feel your life has been greatly improved through my efforts. It may not always look at it at your end, but to present the information presented here, takes hours of research, and years (and lifetimes) of experience… Paypal: indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

This website, will be slowly but surely altered to be more of a personal website, with more featured music and creative content, so do feel free and welcomed to hang around.  I’ve been working on some new music, and it’s almost but not quite ready.  Also if you ever get a chance to experience live, my shamanic drumming, I’m working on a quadraphonic soundtrack to add to the live drumming… the effect is sure to kick up the magic, to a new level.

Also within the next few years… I’ll be exploring some more of my previous 500 earthly lifetimes, and adding it to a book or something. What I’ve discovered already, has been very exciting… and it’s all been in preparation for this lifetime, including a few famous lifetimes that have had certain influence in the world, shall we say. 🙂

I hope you are able to ride comfortably through the latest earthly turbulence… it’s all designed by our Creator, and our higher selves, to shake us loose, of things that hold us back, and that prevent our whole-hearted sharing with all other lifeforms. Life is ultimately and inherently, infinite and impermanent, so enjoy each moment, for it shall never return, and you and I shall never pass this way again… each moment is eternally new, let’s fill each moment together with the best of who we are… with blessings, Indian in the machine



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