25 February 2017

Male Masterbation Can Cause Brain Damage And Can Create The Ideal Male Earth Slave… Here’s Why

Male Masterbation Can Cause Brain Damage And Can Create The Ideal Male Earth Slave… Here’s Why

Men like to joke about masterbation… but they don’t really know the whole story… can it cause brain damage and slavery?  Er, actually yes…

If you are regularly ejaculating you actually need the right diet involving essential fatty acids.

Ejaculate consists of essential fatty acids (and other bits too).

Superfood or Supergross? The Truth About Semen | Greatist

Feb 19, 2013 – Semen is a viscous liquid composed of sperm (aka male reproductive … seminal fluidcontains fructose (aka sugar), fatty acids, and proteins to …

Essential fatty acids are brain food too.

The Brain Benefits of Omega-3 Fats in Your Diet | Be Brain Fit

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are one of the most important nutrients for your brain health, mental well-being, and overall health. … Plants are not reliable sources of EPA and DHA — the most effective form of EFAs. These are the kind you want in your diet.

So if you do not have essential fatty acids in your diet, and are regularly ejaculating… then essentially this has the effect of starving your brain of it’s food!

If your brain is starving for food, then you are not thinking clearly, and your body is not functioning properly either…. the perfect combination to make a permanent male earth slave. Now you know why everything is sexualized and porn is everywhere, and essential fatty acids are missing from the most commonly advertised cultural foods. It’s not just because sex sells, it’s because they are wanting to create the permanent male earth slave, brain damaged and too weak to do much about the world, except complain and with just enough energy to go to work, no more and no less.

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