21 February 2017

Millions Of Spaceships Above Earth, Awaiting The Final Countdown.. What Happens Next Will Astound Us All


Millions Of Spaceships Above Earth, Awaiting The Final Countdown.. What Happens Next Will Astound Us All

Q: Ashtar spoke about trillions of ships up there. We don’t need trillions of ships, what are they doing?

First of all that was only the Ashtar Command. There are many who are awaiting their process, their portion of what they are here for. It’s as if they have their responsibilities and they are following through on many different levels.

There are so many different types of civilizations, so many different types of ships, all of this awaiting the call, the final countdown you might say. When this happens all will go into their various responsibilities, what they came here for. Some are here to watch. Some are here to participate fully. Some are here to be a part of first contact. Some are to work with the energies such as the Blue Avian and the spheres and all this. They are here to work with the energies and to modify them so they are not overpowering to the Earth at this time.

There are many different processes going on now and there are many ships besides the ones “Ashtar” spoke about now. Many aspects of healing as well. Ships for healing.
Cities of Light. Going down to Hollow Earth for healing. All of this.

more http://sananda.website/one-who-serves-via-james-mcconnell-february-19th-2017/

It’s actually “millions” of ships, according to previous message: http://www.indianinthemachine.com/2017/02/16/ashtar-explains-decloaking-process-for-millions-of-spaceships-surrounding-earth-first-contact-probable-around-years-2020-2021/

Some earth leaders do not see this whole alien thing, as a big priority…

Donald Trump and ET Disclosure Not a Priority for a President Who Wants to Do Things His Way

Trump has been briefed by Obama!

Trump Briefed On ETs By Obama! Update On Extraterrestrials And World Leaders Meeting December 21-26 2016; 12 Locations For First Contact 

Even though there are millions of ships… there are still meetings taking place too, with world governments…

World Government Officials Meet Extraterrestrials Again! Shown Holographic New Earth “Not One Dry Eye in That Meeting”, 200 Blacklisted “Fake News” Websites Actually Honour List, Soros Funding Trump Riots, Middle East Military Coup, Antarctica “Soft Disclosure”/Cabal Escape Route Shut Down, Earth De

One timeline is that First Contact happens around years 2020-2021! Of course, we can make that sooner, than later, but humans are basically learning how to be friendly, helpful, loving and kind to other lifeforms.

Extraterrestrial Meeting With Government And Others Happened August 2016… First Contact Possible By 2020-2021… Many Variables… There Are 36,482 Earthlike Planets!



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