18 February 2017

Event Update! Spring Solstice Timing For “Bigger Event” That Will Touch Everyone!

Event Update! Spring Solstice Timing For “Bigger Event” That Will Touch Everyone!

This dialogue from a question and answer session with One Who Serves via James McConnell, is very interesting… as we get closer to the event… there are ever-larger development events:

Q: I keep seeing not the event but a bigger event around the Spring Solstice. Any comment?

Yes. This is what we are speaking of and this will rock many of their worlds. Many who are not being prepared as you are. Not ready for this. There are so many out there who have no clue whatsoever of the truths that have been held from them. They will experience it at their level when this moment comes.

That will be the time for those who so desire to move into action and assist in any way you can at those times. Those who have scoffed at you and said you have no idea what you are talking about will turn to you and say, “Well, maybe you were right all along”.

Won’t that be a wonderful time?

Q: So this is a bigger one. We were all awakened by smaller waves but this one will touch everyone. That is what I am seeing.

Yes. Maybe we can use this analogy, a little better here. Think of a pot of water and the water begins to boil. Begins to heat up rather. You see it begin to boil and you see it steam up. This is what you are going through now. You have been in the heating up process and now in the boiling process. Once you have had the boiling there will be steam coming up, the energy coming up. You as this energy, the consciousness rising up. You see?

Boy, cutting off arms, boiling in hot water. What is going on here? Some of you are probably coming on and saying, “These are Ascended Masters?” We cannot be this way. This is a joke. We can assure you we are very real. If you did not notice, I jumped in here. (much laughter as OWS #2 is here)


What is ‘the event’ anyways?

Well, our galactic family give us hints on that, but it does seem to be a moment of ‘no time’, where linear time essentially ends on this planet, and our reality goes through a quantum shift… all will change and will never be the same again… it’s where this is all heading peeps.

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Indian in the machine

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  1. Aloha!!! Yes it is time for this! this is what I was writing you about a few years ago, that my cat had led me to discover. And now it is time! I can see this Q&A session leaves alot to the imagination, and hardly anyone is ‘getting” information on it! Like recieving a package on your unbirthday!! We will all feel it! Be happy and play well with others!

      1. What I have been shown at this time about the March energy… was a large soap bubble. It is the closest explanation that I can get right now about how this energy works. Thin about how a soap bubble is, that is it a layer of soap around what seems to be air. If the air expands at all the soap layer thins out… this is what is going on right now and that when the soap layer gets thin enough, the soap layer opens up, pop, and the soap falls away, leaving the air out in the open. So what does this mean…. that perhaps some layer is being removed from each of us, and on a spiritual level. This March energy is very different that the ‘waves’ we have been having. It is like thw aves have been preparing us for this next step in our soul evolution. Its HUGE! And again, stay in our center, in your core, and nurture YOU!

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