17 February 2017

Three Days Of Darkness Update! It’s Still A Possibility! Says One Who Serves

One Who Serves: Three Days Of Darkness Update!  It’s Still A Possibility!

Q: I have been hearing about the sun darkening between last Friday the 10th and the 25th. What can you say?

Well, we can say here, are you not already at the 10th? Yes, that’s when this was supposed to start. Has the sun darkened? No…

You can still see the sun, right? Ones who are saying this are not quite correct. They are misunderstanding what can happen here. They are misunderstanding the time frame and amount of time it would be.

You have heard before of the three days of darkness. Three days and nights of darkness. This is also a possibility yet. But not having a major catastrophe or anything of this nature. It will be a part of the process if and when this does occur. So they were predicting ahead of time this idea of the sun being darkened here.

But also know that it is part of the Cabal’s plan to not have the sun come through. As you know the Ascension happens through the sun, the Galactic Central Sun, the solar sun and these energies come into the Earth as part of the Ascension Process. This is what is needed. The Light must come in. They have done everything they can to hold off the Light.

Think about this, darkening the sun, they think they can do this? They do not have the technology to do this. There have been times in the past where a civilization could do something of this nature but it is not being allowed.


Wow… fascinating stuff!  How could this three days of darkness happen?  Nibiru or something blocking the sun? A strange cancellation of Light via wave interference?  Polluting the atmosphere?  In any scenario, it’s all part of the grand plan… and can be a seen as an initiation into a new world….a world we’ve been waiting for, for thousands of years… a world we are creating right now with out love.

Indian in the machine

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