16 February 2017


WHY ARE YOU ON PLANET EARTH ANYWAYS? We came to the densest planet in the universe, to… a. Help out b. Criticize the dumb people, c. To gain personal wealth in an unfair economic system, d.To drink as much fluoride as possible, e. To live such a distracted lifestyle that we are not really part of any solution, only more problems, f. To look good on the outside though we are empty on the inside, g. To kick some reptilian butt! h. To ascend on an ascending planet, i. To live like we are weak, ineffective and powerless, j. To get laid as much as possible amidst the dumb people, k. To make a difference for the better, l. To focus on our own trivial problems m. To complain about why you don’t want to be here, m. To pass people on the street in need while judging them, n. To spend your energy vampiring other people’s energy, o. To get out of debt, p. To wait for others to make a difference, while you criticize them, q. To be entertained every night, r. To make sure original thoughts are not welcome, s. To make sure original people are not welcome, t. To make sure your own originality isn’t welcome, u. To evolve your soul. v. To be inspired, w. To distract others from the importance of ET disclosure, x. To gratify your physical senses while ignoring the spiritual realm, y. To benefit from fear itself, and z. To fulfill a great soul mission of which you are learning about it as you go. Reflect and resonate with as many of these answers as you like.


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