16 February 2017

Hollow Earth/ Inner Central Sun Theories Now Scientifcally Supported; 70% Of Earth’s Heat Comes From Its Centre

Hollow Earth/ Inner Central Sun Theories Now Scientifcally Supported; 70% Of Earth’s Heat Comes From Its Centre

“Researchers have found, according to Geoneutrinos; around 70 percent of Earth’s heat is generated from radioactivity.

Is it possible there is an “inner sun” heating our planet?

Researchers have found out recently that there is a huge ocean beneath the surface of our planet. Now, Italian researchers state that over 70% of the Earth’s heat comes from its center.

What does this mean for the Hollow Earth theory? Is it possible that discoveries like this support the existence of a mysterious world located deep below the surface of our planet?”

more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1IYutNJCkw

Not only is the hollow earth real, but there are beings who live there, who are preparing for a reunion with the earth’s surface dwellers…. er, that’s us!

Hollow earth dwellers now reaching the surface and walking among us!

Adama High Priest Of Telos Says Many Inner Earth Dwellers Are Infilitrating Surface Society Unbeknown To Most

They send us messages!

Message To Surface Earthlings From Telos Inner Earth May 2016

There is a door somewhere…

Photo Of Back Entrance To Telos, With Description Of What’s BEHIND The Door! 

Indian in the machine

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