16 February 2017

Check Out The 3000 Year Old Alien Hand With Intact Fingernail, Found In Peru! Zetas Say Is Real!

Check Out The 3000 Year Old Alien Hand With Intact Fingernail, Found In Peru!  Zetas Say Is Real!

Well, aren’t we in interesting times… we as a species, do not accept that we are not alone in the universe, meanwhile our own archological records say otherwise.

More alien bodies are on their way to being discovered!

Massive Update! Zetas Confirm Antarctica Artifacts Include Dead Annunaki Bodies, And Hillary Under House Arrest! 

Earthlings have treaty with Greys!

Zeta Grey Ruler Confirms Treaty With Earthlings And Galactic Council!

Indian in the machine

ZETATALK: Alien Hands

The Zetas promised us more disclosure on the alien presence, more sightings or video proof that aliens are real. Elongated skulls
from Central and S American are of record, and the Skinny Bob film
is compelling, we have not had an update since the Peru Blue Alien
video capture. Now we have the Cusco hand,
complete with fingernails and drying skin flaking off the long finger bones. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Analysis 1/21/2017:
This is indeed an alien hand, belonging to the aliens whose skulls have been found in Cusco, Peru. The clues are many. The fingers are elongated as are those on Skinny Bob, and both this hand and Skinny Bob’s hand have but three fingers. The thumb is present, seen under the crushed hand in the x-ray of the bones. Comparing the mummified hand to various animals, alive and extinct, one does not see a match. There are fingernails present on the Cusco hand. A sloth would have left the long nails, and birds would have left claws.

The flesh on this crushed hand is still rotting away, showing the death was recent, not as old as remains from cavemen, certainly not from the dinosaur era. DNA testing on Cusco, Peru skulls show them to be approximately 3,000 years old.
If the skulls to date have been located in graveyards, what caused this hand to be separated from the body? Grave robbers stowed their prize temporarily in a cave, and wild animals sought the fleshier
parts of the body, leaving the bony hand. 


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