14 February 2017

Insights Into The Earth Reality Show Televised To The Universe

Insights Into The Earth Reality Show Televised To The Universe

Humans are a hybrid race of humans on a ‘reality show’ televised to the universe. On this show a group of courageous souls decided to forget who they are and where they come from, as souls inhabiting bodies, in an environment of lower consciousness, that had forgotten the true power of love itself. Each human comes with their own experiment in limitation to explore… to basically experience self-imposed suffering based on outer circumstance… experiencing essentially what does not create balanced experiences, after which there will come a huge attitude adjustment, where the human will turn their life over to their soul instead of ego, and to Creator instead of human… and what that finally happens, the human will live as a satisfied being, instead of living a lifestyle of feeding a hunger that cannot be fed. As the human chooses to ‘awaken’, this will ‘awaken’ dormant DNA and superhuman powers, leading towards a quantum shift that mirrors the quantum shift of the ever-changing environment of planet earth, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. The human will quantum shift from Homo Sapien ( who is dying on our planet), to Homo Christos (who is being born on our planet). The ‘reality show’ is interesting to the universe, because this is the first time that a species has chosen to transmutate on a transmutating planet, that is also becoming the heart chakra of the universe. It has been said by Prime Creator, that earth has been the most challenging planet in the universe… because the level of ego consciousness on earth, results in constant struggle that results in making unbalanced choices, that only serve the ego instead of the greater good, with humans not realizing that the joy that each seeks, can only be embodied when you seek to serve Creator and the Creation. Homo Sapien, tends to blame others for it’s own doings including extraterrestrials and Creator, while either making itself, bigger or smaller than it truly is… while pushing away the solutions offered by higher consciousness beings. Homo Sapiens have created a culture of distraction, by which the solutions, are essentially ignored, so that it can continue to believe the false to be true, ignorance to be wise, fear to be loving, and to especially ignore it’s own limited days on planet earth. Homo Sapien does not realize what is happening to it, and will likely die on planet earth, never discovering it’s true nature, and never believing in the power of love, this creates perpetual sadness inherent in being a limited Homo Sapien, who feels comfort in the distractions, and feels nurtured as it’s slave-handlers continually punish and degrade humanity from behind the scenes. The universe is on the edge of it’s seats, waiting for what will happen next…

Extraterrestrial Agrees Earth Is Like A Live Reality TV Show Televised To The Universe

Archon “Mordock” Makes Stunning Statement, “Your Space Friends Are Getting Closer To Your Reality”

ET Commander Ashtar on Donald Trump, “Give Thanks for the Great Awakening Which Is Occurring Worldwide, for Mr. Trump Is Indeed a Most Effective Alarm Clock!”

Extraterrestrial Tekkr (Lyran) Says Trump Will Be Astral Visited By Aliens, Like Other Presidents, But That He Is Not Comfortable With It Yet… Trump Aware Of Secret Space Program, But It Is Self-Governed Area… Supersoldier Program Is Of Alien Origin

Earth Has Clear Path To Centre Of Galaxy… Earth Gathering Centre Attention Of Universe, As Chosen Planet Of Hybrid People

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