11 February 2017

World Becoming Rich Major Update! Donald Trump Hints At World Currency Re-valuation, “All Currencies Will Be On An Even Level”

World Becoming Rich Major Update! Donald Trump Hints At World Currency Re-valuation, “All Currencies Will Be On An Even Level”

While many who are informed, inspired and intuitive, are able to perceive a new north american currency revaluation, and a new world currency revaluation has been in the works for a while… NESARA (North America), and GESARA (Global)… we have the words of Donald Trump, “All currencies will be on an even level”.

Previously, I reported these:

Entire World Becoming Rich Update! NESARA/GESARA Will Be Announced, All Banks Are Now Informed Of New Currency, World Will Find Itself Suddenly In A New Situation

“Expect Heaven’s Bounty” American NESARA Republic And New Global Banking System Update By Galactic Federation And Spiritual Hierarchy

Entire World Population In Final Phase Of Becoming Rich! NESARA Is Not Weeks Or Months Away, Say The Guardians; Republic Of United States To Go “Live” Any Day Now

Galactic Federation: New Colorful US Treasury Notes, NESARA Republic, International Debt Jubilee, Arrival Of Galactic Mentors, Travel To Agartha, Earth Surface Ready For Makeover

New United States Republic To Go “Live” Any Day Now, And NESARA Announcement Could Be At Any Moment! 

Archangel Michael/Gabriel Predicted Donald Trump Would Be President… What Else Did They Say? “Prosperity Is Coming To America” Via NESARA!

Did You NESARA Today Dear Ones? Did you GESARA Today?

How big is the forthcoming NESARA and GESARA announcements?

If there is one prescription for everything that affects Planet Earth, or that is in existence on Planet Earth at this moment, it is NESARA!!!  So let NESARA be your Truthful Answers to everything that, after all, you have called for!” – Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael: Important Update on NESARA Announcement, and the Truth of How “Big” it Truly Is

The galactics are saying that basically… a world currency revaluation will end the reign of evil on earth, because no one will be forced to do things their heart’s do not want, for money.

So what’s your role?  To sit around, whine and complain, bitch and mock those who made this happen?  Nay nay nay… your role is to MAKE IT HAPPEN, along with the rest of us!  What other choice do you have… it’s either to be free or a slave…. and slaves are being freed on this planet.

Indian in the machine

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