11 February 2017

Three Motherships Under Antarctic Ice Now Being Excavated, Says Visionary David Wilcox… US Ice-Breaker On It’s Way Now!

Three Motherships Under Antarctic Ice Now Being Excavated, Says Visionary David Wilcox… US Ice-Breaker On It’s Way Now!

Wilcock observed that the last few months of 2016 saw many stories about interest in and trips to Antarctica by individuals such as Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry. He says that there are military bases under the ice in caves that were constructed by the Nazis in 1939 and where they also discovered the ruins of an advanced civilization. He has been told that there are also three “motherships” from an alien civilization which crash landed 55,000 years ago that are now being excavated out of the ice. Wilcock believes these facts will be revealed to the world soon, and that he and others will be used to get the population acclimatized to the presence of aliens that have interbred with the human race and now comprise the bloodlines of the elites who subjugate the rest of the population.

source http://sitsshow.blogspot.mx/2017/01/david-wilcock-ancient-ruins-in-antarctica-announced-new-intel-on-c2c-show-notes.html

Hey they need ice-busters for this!

#1 Ice-Busting Ship Being Prepped For Antarctica Excavation Fueling Rumours Of Atlantis Multiple Cities Discovery… Mother Earth Says “Atlantis Is Rising”

US Antarctic Icebreaker to Visit New Zealand

Scoop.co.nz (press release)Feb 7, 2017
The United States has sought, and been granted, New Zealand’s permission for a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter …

Story image for antarctic ice breaker from GCaptain

Ship Photos: US Icebreaker ‘Polar Star’ Reaches McMurdo Station …

GCaptainJan 24, 2017
The Polar Star is America’s only operational heavy icebreaker that is capable of conducting the Antarctic resupply mission. The cutter, which …

Oh there’s more!

Massive Update! Zetas Confirm Antarctica Artifacts Include Dead Annunaki Bodies, And Hillary Under House Arrest! 

Cabal Plans Escape to New Zealand For This Reason, and it Involves Antarctica

World Government Officials Meet Extraterrestrials Again! Shown Holographic New Earth “Not One Dry Eye in That Meeting”, 200 Blacklisted “Fake News” Websites Actually Honour List, Soros Funding Trump Riots, Middle East Military Coup, Antarctica “Soft Disclosure”/Cabal Escape Route Shut Down, Earth De

World Leaders Aware Antarctica Is Remnant Of Atlantis Society! Humans, Extraterrestrials, Temples, Technology, Animals, Frozen In Ice In Instant Ice Age Caused By Cold Fusion, Gravitron Bomb Device; Atlantis Disclosure Estimated 2018-2022, Says Sirian Adronis 

Crucial Antarctica Pyramid/Crack/Atlantis Connections! Gaia Confirms Atlantis Rising, And Will Not Cause Floods, St. Germain Says Massive Antarctica Coverage To Come, Will Attempt To Coverup Pizzagate! Add This Information To Your Worldly Spiritual Ceremonies

St. Germain Mentions Pizzagate And Says Massive Antarctica Coverage To Come, Will Attempt To Distract Humanity From Pizzagate “Unspeakable Horrors”

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