08 February 2017

Donald Trump And ET Disclosure Not A Priority For A President Who Wants To Do Things His Way

Donald Trump And ET Disclosure Not A Priority For A President Who Wants To Do Things His Way

1.  Our positive ET family have been very helpful… they have even stopped our magnetic poles from shifting…

Pole Shift Stopped By Extraterrestrials! Imminent Pole Shift Recently Promoted By Mainstream Media

2.  Earth has a treaty with the Archon Alliance (Greys, Annunaki and Reptilians) who basically made an alliance, to mess with earthings, to eventually permanently enslave us.

Zeta Grey Ruler Confirms Treaty With Earthlings And Galactic Council!

3.  ETs are now walking amongst us!

Adama High Priest Of Telos Says Many Inner Earth Dwellers Are Infilitrating Surface Society Unbeknown To Most

4.  Obama worked with Ashtar… head of a fleet of benevolent warriors of peace.

Ashtar: Obama Works Directly With Me

5  Obama briefed Trump on the ET thing and how it affects the presidency.

Trump Briefed On ETs By Obama! Update On Extraterrestrials And World Leaders Meeting December 21-26 2016; 12 Locations For First Contact 

6.  Trump not totally comfy with the whole ET thing…

Extraterrestrial Tekkr (Lyran) Says Trump Will Be Astral Visited By Aliens, Like Other Presidents, But That He Is Not Comfortable With It Yet… Trump Aware Of Secret Space Program, But It Is Self-Governed Area… Supersoldier Program Is Of Alien Origin

7.  ET disclosure is similar to the revaluation of world currencies and anything else… if you doubt it, you push it away from manifesting.

Zorra Inner Earth Comments On Revaluation Of Currencies “Problem”… Regular People Are Pushing It Away With Doubt

8.  Earth is now gaining centre attention by the ETs of the multiverse, meanwhile, earthlings are deciding whether or not they should be paying attention to the rest of the multiverse.

Earth Has Clear Path To Centre Of Galaxy… Earth Gathering Centre Attention Of Universe, As Chosen Planet Of Hybrid People

9.  Donald Trump is making economic collapse less likely, because so many fear him.

Archangel Arial: “Economic Collapse Is Less Likely, Because The Nations Of Your Planet Fear This New President”

10  The main issue with Donald Trump And ETs:

The main issue is this… that Donald Trump wants to do things “his way”…. and so does Creator want to do things His way.. and I’m speaking of Creator of everything.  So we have a situation here… someone wants to do things ‘their way”…. and yet that way might not be the same way as Creator’s way.

ETs, at least those ones who are of the Light, want to do things Creator’s way.

As our planet becomes the last planet to declare peace, it will have to learn to do things Creator’s way.

Earth has leadership that wants to do it their way, and each time, it will be found to be the wrong way. 

As earth becomes peaceful, we must put Creator’s way back into world government, and all our lives. 

Thank you for supporting your leadership to do it Creator’s way.

Thank you for bringing Creator’s way into your life to guide self, and others.

If Donald Trump want to do things “his way”, which is different from the rest of the galaxy, we now have a problem that must be dealt with… it’s not Donald Trump, it’s the lack of desire on the planet to do things Creator’s way… watch as humans learn that this only brings suffering.  And so Donald Trump may not want to see ET disclosure as being a priority… because their presence and desire to serve Creator’s will is at odds with his personal selfish desire to do things his way… the solution is for all of us to develop soulfilled lives, so that we can attract soulfilled leadership.

Special Message To Donald Trump: “Drain The Swamp”, With These Extraterrestrial Documents! Secret US/Alien Treaty, Secret Space War, Christ Coverup, Time Travel, Teachings Of “Magnificent Seven”, Hidden Scientific Knowledge Revealed, And More! 

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