07 February 2017

Zorra Inner Earth Comments On Revaluation Of Currencies “Problem”… Regular People Are Pushing It Away With Doubt


Zorra Inner Earth Comments On Revaluation Of Currencies “Problem”… Regular People Are Pushing It Away With Doubt

Zorra’s Advice: Think of your Post RV plans and start acting on them.

The “Problem” is that when you think about the RV, you feel let down, and that creates “Opposing” energy to it going.  It is not so much that you think about it and expect it, but more about that fact that you “Notice” that is has not happened yet.  Importantly, the part that you notice is the part that is actively vibrating and influencing the World Events.  In short, Noticing It is NOT going creates more “Not Going.”


Wow!  so it seems that those who DOUBT, are actually PUSHING PROPERITY FOR THE PLANET AWAY… sooooo watch that doubt eh?  Then those who doubt and push the RV away say, “oh look it was a fraud”… yup… they say that all the time… and then they wonder why people would believe when ‘nothing happens’. Sometimes the next step these ones take, is to belittle others, for believing and supporting prosperity for everyone, but such is life on planet earth, until people learn to create with unified love, are you in? Can you support something you don’t have proof of? If so good, because the spiritworld creates the physical world, not the other way around.

Indian in the machine


Angel 4 Light

Light Bearer and Way Shower, Bringer of Peace

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  1. alan

    hey my friend is buying the currency of( zimm ) telling me that the one who knows is telling him that it will revalue to some hi exchange rates of $3.00 or more too 1 dollar. ex:1 zimm = 3.oo us. is this true or just someone saying this. he all excited over this. I hope you done disappoint him because he my best friend and I do worried about him. I’m more poor than him. is this true about the changing of the worlds changing currency’s.

    1. Yes, the world’s currencies are being revaluated… it’s a process, that is barely begun. Please share faith, not doubt on matters of change… doubt doesn’t do anything, that’s why these things take longer than necessary right? 🙂

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