05 February 2017

Our best hug


Our best hug

We were excited to see each other, it had been a while.  When we hugged, I was a bit surprised, I wasn’t used to you hugging me with such feeling and it felt good… it felt good, because that hug was so amazingly expressive of how we truly felt… and it came from the our shared authentic love.  You hugged me very tight… it was as if you were pressing your love into me… you didn’t want to let me go and I didn’t want to let you go… time flashed and then froze and made itself still for our tears… for as we embraced and squeezed those hugs out of each other, it was like wringing a sponge of energy… I was relieved, some blockages were finally coming down for both of us.  It felt like we both truly felt each other, what it was like to be genuinely loving with each other… like two best friends discovering their deeper bonds for the first time… that hug changed me… the power of that hug was enormous… some people started to cry around us… those beautiful tears touching each other’s souls… what a moment…   I will share it endlessly and relive it’s essence… we were so complete in that moment… so kindred… it was epic… a moment of legend in my heart, forever… two beautiful wounded warriors without their armour… hugging each other with the deepest love I have ever felt with anyone… I look forward to more as even more walls come down… 


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