03 February 2017

Zetatalk: North America Under Intensifying Bow Tension, Causing Bursting Water And Gas Main Breaks, Carbon Monoxide Emissions, Sinkholes, Earthquakes Lights, And Snapping Rock!… Rock Line Around Ramapo Fault Line Now Pulling Apart!

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Zetatalk: North America Under Intensifying Bow Tension, Causing Bursting Water And Gas Main Breaks, Carbon Monoxide Emissions, Sinkholes,  Earthquakes Lights, And Snapping Rock!… Rock Line Around Ramapo Fault Line Now Pulling Apart!

It doesn’t matter if you live near the break point of the North American continent… because once it goes, it’s going to trigger all sorts of changes… the likes most people have never considered…. let’s just say, these moments are going to bring humanity together in unity… and as always, our galactic family stand by waiting for humanity to take their presence seriously… since earth is also part of the multiverse, it’s time we behave like it… can you imagine being on a planet, that is literally convulsing, and it’s not big news… look no further, we’re on earth… she now goes through a significant part of her birthing phase…. I checked the headlines, and saw that there are gas and water breaks along the  midwest….

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Bow Tension

Stress on the N American Continent because of the bow stress caused by the 7 of 10 plate movements became acute in 2009 when water mains began snapping in San Diego.
San Diego is the center of the bow, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Warning 2009:
San Diego, as we have repeatedly mentioned, is at the center of a bow formed when the Aleutian Island and the tip of Mexico are pulled toward each other. This is what has been causing all the water main breaks in that region lately. The rock is under stress, which will not be relieved until the New Madrid adjusts.

Indeed, the bowing stress at San Diego has intensified, with snapping rock now being felt, heard, and seen as Earthquake lights on the horizon. This was not recorded as an earthquake, per the USGS.

Mysterious ‘Booms’ Heard around San Diego County
January 24, 2017
Several people reported hearing two large “bangs” and felt the earth shake just after 3 p.m. Tuesday in San Diego. Santee residents reported seeing a large glowing ball in the western sky. “I automatically thought it was an earthquake, my car started moving back and forth in Imperial Beach!”  “Are we having an earthquake? Our sliders won’t stop shaking, but my chair isn’t moving and it’s not wind,” a Coronado resident posted to social media. “I heard it here on the Strand, but didn’t feel anything. Sounded like 2 loud bangs, I thought it was thunder. I am curious what it could have been,” another Coronado resident posted. USGS did not detect an earthquake in San Diego County during that time.

The stress moves across the continent to the Pennsylvania region where the Ramapo Fault Line
is centered. By 2010 water mains were snapping in Pennsylvania too. Pennsylvania is also an East Coast break or torque point, where land to the North will rise during the Pole Shift, and land to the South will drop. Thus it is under dual stress.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/19/2010:
This is likewise true for the large number of sinkholes in Pennsylvania, as the N American continent is being pulled down south of this point, but rising as the Seaway pulls apart north of this point. The bow in the N American continent is likewise pulling rock layers across each other, as the sinkhole in Tennessee shows. This point, as we explained, is directly in a line from San Diego across the continent, and includes the area of the Utah mining disaster a couple years ago.

ZetaTalk Warning 2010:
The entire peninsula from central Pennsylvania north, will experience a bounce, but being on the edge of this drama, Pennsylvania will have its toes in water but its head above water.

ZetaTalk Warning 1/28/2017:
We have described the center of the bowing of the N American Continent as being at San Diego and tension thence traveling across the US to the East Coast. By early 2010 Pennsylvania had an inordinate number of sinkholes, in step with San Diego having an inordinate number of bursting water and gas mains. We have also described the break point for the East Coast to be Pennsylvania, where above this point land will rise during the Pole Shift but below, be dragged down. The Ramapo Fault Line is a factor in this break point.

Now the Ramapo Fault Line centered in eastern Pennsylvania has burst into the news with a massive Carbon Monoxide emission. Is there a relationship? There is indeed. The bowing stress on the N American Continent has increased, causing the rock layers along the fault line to pull apart. In that the Ramapo Fault Line parallels the New Madrid Fault, one can assume this stress is being felt there too.

Massive Carbon Monoxide Burst from Ramapo Fault in Eastern PA into NJ – Worst on the planet! Earthquake Coming?
January 21, 2017
An utterly massive emission of Carbon Monoxide is emanating from the Pennsylvania portion of the Ramapo earthquake fault, which runs from eastern Pennsylvania into northern New Jersey. Nowhere else on the planet are the CO readings this high. Take a look at how a satellite model from the GEOS-5 Satellite shows the CO gas is literally bursting forth from the area of the Ramapo Fault line. The land in eastern Pennsylvania and into New Jersey in that area, is very old, very hard, rock.  Earthquakes are not common in this region because the land is long settled. But this sudden and massive emission of CO gas from along the Ramapo Fault line is very noticeable and COULD indicate something is happening deep underground, causing the CO gas to come out of the Fault into the air.

ZetaTalk Warning 1/28/2017:
The Ramapo Fault Line parallels the New Madrid Fault Line, so would indeed be an indication of the amount of stress the New Madrid is experiencing at this time. The continental rip at the Chesapeake Bay
is due to this area absorbing the bulk of the ripping action during the bow stress, as this is a thin crust region. The number of blackouts and electric train derailments along the East Coast, such as the Hoboken crash,
in 2016, is an indication that the bow stress has increased.

Have the 7 of 10 plate movements picked up the pace? It is notable that this CO leak occurred the day after Trump’s inauguration, and that the Solomon Islands likewise had yet another massive earthquake on January 22, 2017, this one a reported magnitude 7.9. The Zetas have described this part of the globe, where the shifting Indo-Australian Plate drives under the Himalayas, as the brake point. Is New Madrid activity about to begin?
When this plate moves, others follow. Now that the Bush/Clinton crime families have lost all hope of securing the White House, the Council of Worlds appears to be lifting the brake on plate movements. It is no longer possible for Obama to declare Martial Law and remain in power. The plate movements may have been softened, but the timeframe for the passage has not changed. To get the populace to take the news about Nibiru seriously, there needs to be more than greater honesty from politicians. There needs to be greater visibility of Nibiru, accompanied by a noticeable uptick in Earth changes. An obvious wobble with the Sun not in the right place. Sloshing oceans that accompany the wobble. And plate movement that cannot be denied by the lying media.


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