28 January 2017

US Mexican Border Wall Not Realistic Considering Drone Taxis, Human-Carrying Drones Are Here

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US Mexican Border Wall Not Realistic Considering Drone Taxis, Human-Carrying Drones Are Here

Well… drone technology is moving so fast, you can bet any us mexican border wall, is going to be ineffective… since people can just fly over the wall, with soon-to-be-widely-available human drone technology…. sooo Trump… you better think that one through, and perhaps come up with a better plan. 🙂  Trump Wants To Build A Wall, And Deport Illegals… What’s Wrong With That?

Ooops Inner earth dwellers weren’t stopped by any border….

Adama High Priest Of Telos Says Many Inner Earth Dwellers Are Infilitrating Surface Society Unbeknown To Most

Yes, now there is a drone that can carry YOU


Human ‘drone taxi’ to be tested in Nevada


Story image for human drone from Futurism

New Autonomous Drones Are on Their Way, And They Can Carry …

Futurism-Dec 31, 2016
Flyt Aerospace is building drone systems that can transport humans and … hoping eventually to transport objects as big as a human being.

This drone carries human

Hard AvenueJan 1, 2017
The drone technologies company Flyt Aerospace inspired by this and … As you may appreciate, carrying human requires much more power, …

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