26 January 2017

Trump Wants To Build A Wall, And Deport Illegals… What’s Wrong With That?

Trump Wants To Build A Wall, And Deport Illegals… What’s Wrong With That?

Trump wants to build a wall between US, and Mexico, and deport illegals… what is wrong with that?

1.  You cannot run a country, while millions of people flood into it, no documents, or overstaying visas… and getting benefits, while avoiding responsibilities to the country itself.

2.  Illegals do the jobs Americans don’t want.  Yeah, as if people are better off, not growing their own food?

3.  If you want to be American, then coming into the country illegally, doesn’t make you one.

4.  If you want a good job, it isn’t enough to illegally enter a country, that’s not true justification.

5.  If you want cheap immigrant labour for your business, it’s not a good enough reason to have illegals working for you… especially while Americans didn’t even have work?  Is that being a friend to your own country?

6.  Most Americans eat cheap food, kept cheap by illegal labour… so you’re all part of the problem right?

7.  While millions crossed the borders, most Americans did not defend their border or country… so basically Trump’s wall, has to deal with both sides, not honouring each other or themselves.

8. America’s own border is not well defended while trillions of dollars were spent defending other country’s borders… does that make sense?

9. If you are an illegal within a system, how can you justify being there?

So, these issues bring up lots of issues around national security, responsibility, honouring each other, employment, and taxation… while a wall might not seem to be a great idea… perhaps if is, as long as people don’t care about themselves, or each other…. are we our brother’s keeper or enemy? Do we love ourselves?  Do we and others matter?  Do we respect ourselves or others?  That sorta thing… Trump’s wall might not be the answer, and maybe it’s not Trump’s wall… maybe it’s the wall the American’s already built… inside themselves first in the spirit realm… isolating themselves in fear and distraction from the real issues… and now they are seeing what millions of people with walls inside, are building in the physical world.

World… you haven’t learned to get along with each other have you?  It shows in much of what you do, and much of what you don’t do. So the solution is unside us all, in the meantime, until people learn to respect and love each other, it looks like wall is being built.

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