22 January 2017

John The Baptist (Greatest Man Who Ever Lived) Speaks From The Afterlife, With Introduction From Prime Creator

John The Baptist (Greatest Man Who Ever Lived) Speaks From The Afterlife, With Introduction From Prime Creator

From http://ivanteller.com

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Jesus Testifies about John
10This is the one about whom it is written: ‘Behold, I will send My messenger ahead of You, who will prepare Your way before You.’ 11Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has risen no one greaterthan John the Baptist. Yet even the least in thekingdom of heaven is greater than he. 12From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subject to violence, and the violent lay claim to it.…



Wow… stunning channeling of John the baptist, via Ivan Teller, with many important messages from a historical voice of spiritual wisdom…

Some notes:


Earth is going to go through

Humanity has lost itself many times, and it has lost itself again.

Humanity going through rebirth…

Humanity is not humane to each other is it?

Negativity is so strong, that messages of God seem false.

Your news media gets a high off of negativity, it wants to keep it going.

Your aliens can only do so much, it’s up to you to grow up, many would rather not…

Ego rules your planet, and this is why angelic energies… energies of god do not go into your society… a massive ego complex that is out of control.

Those with major egos that try to hide it, you will be seen….

Your dark energies will no longer be able to keep the light away…and realize that God does have a temper…

Everything in your society is false, that you call normal.

You are not alone in this universe.

Where you are going is nowhere… many lessons yes, but most of them are not needed.

There is nothing wrong with getting high but you are getting high for the wrong reasons.

Dark has to hide in darkness… light is everywhere…

Many thank God mostly for material possessions…

The negative ways of your society will come to an end guaranteed…



Your world will become more pure, more positivity, more of light…

It will go through many tests… where you are now… the land of the lost… the lost civilization that once knew so much and chose to forget it all.

During times of atlantis, decisions were made to put your earth collective into a forgotten state…. to give you all a grand test of who you are.

Many feel they have failed by they have not…

Your religions have made you lost, the majority of society.

Your society has been kidnapped, brainwashed, by false idols…

Catholic church is hiding so much darkness..

What it is hiding, is to hypnotize you…

Spirituality has been ripped from all of you through childbirth.

What is this place?

What is in your bible is so false, there is some there but not all… most has been destoyed.

How easy you fall for it… and continue to live blindly.

Connect to your angels… love yourself… connect to God… forget these religious belief system…

All that matters is you… you create the rules…

Your religions that say you cannot eat this on certain days…. false idols… creatures… monsters….

They do not want you to be spiritual.

Your aliens are here yes, but this is your fight not their’s.

They will assist you but this is your fight.

You have an army of angels around you… connect with them.

All these religions are just to screw your mind up… that is all…

What is in your bible is so false, there is some there but not all… most has been destoyed.

If you will continue lock yourself out of yourself….

Most of those of egos go nowhere in life…  they’re the most lost people on your planet.

Those of ego have more fear than you would realize…

You do not need a religion to tell you what to do.

These religious groups are weak inside.. it’s an empty soul there…. a very intelligent wicked creature runs the show… but nothing to be afraid of.

Blessings to your society… I AM John the baptist

Indian in the machine

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  1. David Henderson

    There are many individuals that have contributed far more to the stable stye of the human civilisation, namely Zorostar, I see no mention, nor discussions from altered states of being. With the utmost respect Zero!!!!!!. David

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