21 January 2017

Women’s March On Washington Is A Psyops Against Women And True Femininity

Women’s March On Washington Is A Psyops Against Women And True Femininity

Watching Michael Moore (a more than likely, CIA operative who hid 911 masterminds from his 911 truth deflection movie.) pump up a bunch of somewhat gullible women at the Washington Women’s March, reminded me of how far the illusion goes… as he used the opportunity to speak to thousands, to bash Trump and to pump up “glorified” CIA operative Gloria Steinem, I had to wonder… wtf, do they ever stop with their tricks, to mess with people?!  Oh, there are other operatives there too, but that’s not what this article is about.

This article is to suggest to women that it’s time to stop being gullible about being a feminist…. and to learn about what true feminism is:

True feminism is:

1. It is about lifting up both sexes.  You cannot have a one sex be powerful without the other.

2. Feminism is not about protesting the other sex, it is about rising in your own power.  True power never comes from bashing the other sex.

3. True feminism is within… it doesn’t involve competition with the outer world, it is not harsh, and it is not boastful… it’s not about shaking your fists thinking, “we must stop the bad men… bad men… bad men.”

4.  True feminism requires you to act like a human who is balanced in both your masculine and feminine aspects, not emphasing either one.

5.  True feminism SUPPORTS the masculine, in males.

6.  True feminism never uses force, it is not the feminine way to use force… instead it’s about being gentle with the masculine.

7.  True feminism is love… and it is not anything that is not love.

8.  True feminism is wise… it does not fall for the tricks of other females with hidden agendas to control the human species.

9.  True feminism is soft… it does not require looking, dressing, or acting overly masculine…. it doesn’t even want to complete with the masculine, because competition itself, IS masculine.

10. True feminism is not egoic, it is heartfilled… it will come from the essence of one’s soul, and it will feel like both sexes are equal partners in creation.

11.  True feminine is not about bashing men who make mistakes… it’s about supporting their healing, and thus supporting your own healing at the same time.

And so without the feminine nurturing, loving, and standing as equals as men and the masculine within, the Women’s March On Washington is just another psyops.

And this women’s march is taking place in washington DC, a seperate country from America… face it… the illusions goes deep, and most still can’t see it.

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Remember your greatest enemy is always yourself, and it will always be true… and that certainly goes for both sexes.

Remember, if you can love yourself, you can inspire others to love themselves too.

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