21 January 2017

Breaking! Absolute Smoking Gun Proof Solar System Itself Is Changing! 10 Ways Our Lives Are Impacted By Our Changing Solar System

Breaking! Absolute Smoking Gun Proof Solar System Itself Is Changing! 10 Ways Our Lives Are Impacted By Our Changing Solar System

This is a powerful video that demonstrates the smoking gun proof that our solar system itself is changing… oh, there are implications… I’m surprised that so few think a changing solar system, is not the highest priority for our species to respond… read the list and find out why…

1.  Humanity itself is mutating… DNA is being activated.

2.  The environment is changing… weather itself is shifting.

3.  The reality itself is changing… new colours are forming and shown by the beings in the sky, itself:  

5 New Colours Of The Fifth Dimension: An Explanation from Sananda, And Affirmation From Michele

4.  All chemistry is changing… yes, I’m talking about the molecules themselves.

5.  The earth we live on, is changing… all planets in solar system are demonstrating changes.

6.  New lifeforms are being created… even the news reports new species regularly being discovered.

7.  A mass dieoff of lifeforms is explained.

8.  A new spiritual human is being born… homo sapien is dying… but is having trouble dealing with it.

You Are Surrounded By Stimulated Homo Sapien Babble Going Nowhere… Activate The Merkana-Based Crystalline New Earth Human Within You

This Is The Final Generation Of Homo Sapien (Age Of Pisces), Giving Birth To Homo Christos (Age Of Aquarius)

9.  War itself is becoming obsolete.

10.  All these changeovers do not respond to resistance of them.

And yet… no mention of any of these implications, and their connections to our changing solar system are being addressed by the masses.  It is not necessary or even appropriate for humanity to wait for scientists to catch up to what the heart already knows.

At the very least, you have to purify your body to handle the cosmic blasts… AND THIS IS THE VERY LEAST…  THIS IS WHY MANY HUMANS WON’T MAKE IT… TOO MUCH JUNK IN THEIR BODIES!  Humans spend more effort washing their cars, than they do cleaning out their own bodies… right?

Prepare Your Body For Upcoming Cosmic Radiation Blasts With Ionic Foot Baths And Special Detox Clay Beverage

This Is The Most Significant Time In Human History! Commentary On Prime Creator Prophecies: 2.5 Million Spaceships Arrive Via Portal! Divine Intervention Update Over Next Two Months, Meat Eaters Will Have Many Problems From Now On, Many Will Have Extensive Flu-Like Symptoms, Extraction Of Souls Leav

If You Live A Mechanical, Unnatural, Competitive, Superficial, Tiring, And Uncomfortable Life, And Wish To Ascend, Here Is Some Good News, And Some Challenging News, As Gamma Radiation Bombards The Planet!

Space Weather Is Mutating Human Species While Heating up Earth to Record Levels… World Leaders Remain Silent, Although They Know! Alkaline Body Is Best for Your Transmutation From Homo Sapien to Homo Christos

OMG! Is The Sun Is Flashing And Blinking? Cosmic Plasma Radiation Blast, Or Something, Is Captured By Webcams All Over The World

Earth Shield Down! Deepest Quake in Recorded History has Struck/Magma Layer, Timed With High Levels Of Cosmic Radiation And Crack In Earth’s Magnetic Field, And Volcanic Geothermal Pressure Building! 

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