18 January 2017

Rapture (Bible), 4D Ascension Shift, Disappearing Humans Becoming “Ghosts”, Explained By Metatron

Rapture (Bible), Disappearing Humans Becoming “Ghosts”, Splitting Of Human Species, 4D Ascension Shift, Explained By Metatron

Metatron channeled by Jim, and with questions by Max, explains the process of 4D ascension… essentially this is the rapture of the bible, where people who do raise their frequencies towards a transformation into a 4th dimensional being, will appear to disappear to those who remain a third dimensional human.  Metatron describes that as usual, third dimensional beings, will be skeptical and in fear of those who have made the shift. A few beings between the 3rd century and modern times, have made this shift.  There will be a defining moment on our planet. There will be leaders on earth that will go first, and those will help activate others.  The rapture in the bible is similar to this process.

Metatron says another strand of DNA appears… Modern science getting a glimpse of this:

Scientists Describe Potential New DNA Base | IFLScience

Space Weather Is Mutating Human Species While Heating up Earth to Record Levels… World Leaders Remain Silent, Although They Know! Alkaline Body Is Best for Your Transmutation From Homo Sapien to Homo Christos

If you are tired of being a 3D version of yourself (fear-based)… maybe you want to start shifting?

You Are Surrounded By Stimulated Homo Sapien Babble Going Nowhere… Activate The Merkana-Based Crystalline New Earth Human Within You

The timeline from numerous channels differs from this Metatron message:

This Is The Final Generation Of Homo Sapien (Age Of Pisces), Giving Birth To Homo Christos (Age Of Aquarius)

Major Cosmic Update in Progress! Homo Sapien Is Dying, Homo Christos Is Being Born… On a Dying Planet, Birthing into a Star… Majority of Homo Sapiens Who Let Physicality Control Their Lives, Will Not Gain This Knowledge… and Will Likely Die in Their Sleep!


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