17 January 2017

WTF Must See! Venus’ Atmosphere Has Giant Bulge!

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WTF Must See! Venus’ Atmosphere Has Giant Bulge!

Sulfuric acid clouds on Venus hide a ‘bizarre’ anomaly that spans …

Business Insider6 hours ago
Every so often, a wave of hot air rises up from the planet’s Hell-like surface and stretches across its entire diameter. The stationary gravity wave, …
Images of giant wave on Venus captured by Japanese probe
Highly CitedThe GuardianJan 16, 2017
Bulge in Venus’ Atmosphere Likely Caused by Gravity Waves
FeaturedDiscover Magazine (blog)Jan 16, 2017
What could that huge wave in Venus’ atmosphere reveal about the …
In-DepthChristian Science Monitor5 hours ago
Venus wave may be Solar System’s biggest
Highly CitedBBC NewsJan 16, 2017

Gravity wave ripples across Venus‘ hellish atmosphere

Engadget-4 hours ago
It took the Japanese atmospheric probe Akatsuki a while, but once it got into orbit around Venus just over a year ago, it immediately spotted a …
What could that huge wave in Venus‘ atmosphere reveal about the …
In-Depth-Christian Science Monitor-5 hours ago
 Story image for venus atmosphere bulge from ScienceAlert

Astronomers have spotted a massive ‘bulge’ in Venus’ atmosphere

ScienceAlert16 hours ago
A massive bow-shaped ‘bulge’ has been spotted in the upper atmosphere of Venus, and astronomers are trying to explain how it could …
Astronomers in Japan have spotted a massive bulge in Venus …
Publicist Report – Market Research News by Market.Biz (press release)10 hours ago
Earthings… oh my goodness… what is going on?  Not sure about the gravity wave theory…

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