17 January 2017

Galactic Federation Of Light Exposes Secret Worldwide Weather Experiment!

Galactic Federation Of Light Exposes Secret Worldwide Weather Experiment!

   This natural (weather) pattern was interrupted by a secret government agency. Its covert operation was worldwide in scope, and succeeded in disrupting regular ocean warming and cooling. It also began to affect the vast oceans of air that are above it. This government operation commenced in the early 2010s. It caused unusually intense spring flooding in Europe, severe melting of Arctic and Antarctic ice floes, and peculiar winter cold and storms in Europe and northern North America. This secret weather experiment also caused a severe drought in California and vast weather anomalies in Asia and North Africa. Most importantly, it was shutting off the North Atlantic conveyer (the Gulf Stream). A major weather shift was promising to turn a natural shift in global conditions into a major climate catastrophe.

This series of artificial weather changes was adding undue pressure to a natural extinction pattern that in the last few decades had killed off 40% of the world’s flora and fauna. This was due to the grand change being initiated to ready Gaia’s surface for the reunion of her now divided Inner and Outer realms. In addition, a heavenly set of decrees had mandated the termination of the corrupt and unsustainable world of the Anunnaki’s minions. This operation is now in its final stages of success. Gaia desires to permit you to return to your natural 5D state and to conclude this procedure with a return to her own unified 5D state. A similar fate is in effect for the rest of the planets of this solar system. We are observing just how this necessary process is continuing on each planet and its unique system of moons. The required conversions of the water planets and the early reconstruction of the large trans-Martian world are a most interesting phenomena to observe. It clearly shows the magnificent mighty ways of Heaven!

more http://sananda.website/the-galactic-federation-of-light-via-sheldan-nidle-january-17th-2017/

Earthlings, that’s how things work… they take something natural, and then hide something unnatural within it… so that they can always blame mother earth or God for everything!

We can now see what a disaster it is, to allow people to rule over humanity, who are not loving, and who only serve themselves… they know no compassion… they are not honest… they use every trick imaginable and unimaginable, to bring in their dream of a new world order… the only thing is… ANYONE WHO GOES TO WAR WITH CREATOR IS GOING TO LOSE.

The power of our love, also means we are victorious with Creator… so we send those who conspire against humanity and God, love… do not judge them for their evil ways, lest you weaken your own godliness… instead judge what they do, and judge what you do as well… did you and your loved ones, look away or continue to look away while horrendous deeds are perpetuated against the innocent… look there… make that change and turn up the light within your own heart, and the world will change… this is how it is done… no war necessary, no endless protests…no victimization required… connect with your soul and create accordingly to your best highest outcomes for all… that is victory!

And for goodness sake… deal with it, you may have attached spirits!

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Major weather changes coming from space!

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