16 January 2017

Please Spread The Word, There Will Be No World War 3! It’s The “Fake News” Cabal Controlled Press Trying To Start War, Godly Extraterrestrials Are Stopping Them And They Are In Disarray

Please Spread The Word, There Will Be No World War 3!  It’s The “Fake News” Cabal Controlled Press Trying To Start War, Godly Extraterrestrials Are Stopping Them And They Are In Disarray

Zetatalk: The press by the cabal supporting Hillary is still fervently trying to start World War III with Russia, as we recently detailed in Issue 535 of this newsletter. While the final steps to officially place Trump in the White House are taken, the clamor about the supposed role Russia had in the 2016 election increases. From the November 8, 2016 election to the December 19, 2016 Electoral College confirmation to the January 6, 2017 acceptance by the House – the uproar has increased. Where were the complaints about foreign interference prior to the election – from foreign funds loaded into the Clinton Foundation and millions in donations from Merkel’s Germany? And remember, the Clinton Foundation only passed on a reported 5.7% of its funds to actual charities. The rest was for the Clintons and Hillary’s ambitions.

source with more: http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr/issue537.htm


This may be news to you… if so, isn’t it time you listened to Prime Creator????  Or do you think you are going to suddenly end up in paradise, while being unable to remove yourself from the fake news?

Reexamining Humanity’s War Against God

World War 3 Averted By Trump Presidency (Hillary Supported By Nine Arms Companies)

\Cease Fire Before Armageddon? Many Humans Didn’t Expect This! Planet On The Brink Of World War, Suddenly Steered Directly Into Light, Under Guidance Of Unbeatable Heavenly Galactic Forces

World Government Officials Meet Extraterrestrials Again! Shown Holographic New Earth “Not One Dry Eye in That Meeting”, 200 Blacklisted “Fake News” Websites Actually Honour List, Soros Funding Trump Riots, Middle East Military Coup, Antarctica “Soft Disclosure”/Cabal Escape Route Shut Down, Earth De

Illuminati Final Days Are Here (Descendants of Draconian Race, Cabal, Dark Nobility), Humanity Freer Than We Realize 

Antikryon: “Bubble About To Burst Wide Open” RV On Schedule, New Republic Prime And Ready, Nesara And Gesara Are Scheduled As Well, Cabal Network Dismantled

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba Claims Top Master Controllers Of Cabal Have Been Removed In Full 100% From Earth… Minions Left Behind Are In Disarray

This Didn’t Make the News Yet! Announcements Coming! The Day the Cabal Has Been Defeated… They’ve Been Taken into Custody of the Galactics… Some Are Literally Returned to Source! 

Ashtar: We Are Coming To The Final Days… And The Final Clearing Of The Ill-Intentioned Cabal… 2/3 Of Earth Now In 5D

Sananda: Cabal Reached Its Limits, And Know They Are Working For Losing Cause… Lower Minions Moving Into The Light

Archangel Michael Newsletter With St. Germain On Coming Worldwide Events, Including World Financial Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Cabal Arrests, Ascension and more! 

Galactics Taking Control Of Earth! Cabal In Last Dying Breath, “They Have Not Surrendered But We Are Taking Over”, Says Sananda, Supreme ET Commander Of All Visitors To Earth, Under Direction Of Prime Creator

Galactic Federation Of Light: World Debt Cancellation, Cabal Arrests And Amnesty, Prosperity Distribution, Global First Contact Details, Inner Earth Intro. To Surface

Archangel Michael: New Sept. Financial System, Prime Creator Stops Cabal Plans, First Ascension Wave Confirmation, Nibiru Not In This Dimension/Universe, Unity Christ Consciousness, Pole Shift Timeline Passed, Health Guidance, First Contact Protocol And More!

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